Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

From e-mail dated December 28, 2009.

It was great to talk to you all on Christmas. I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas here was fun--TONS of food and some great member appointments. One of my favorites was with a 95 year old woman--Zr. Gunster--we got to make her dinner and then spend the evening of Second Christmas with her (just like for Easter and Ascension Day, they have second Christmas...).
I forgot to tell you! Last week at the Christmas concert in Den Haag, I met Catharina de Groot--the girl that found me on facebook when I first got my mission call. It was awesome to finally meet her! We were going to call her to see if she could come on joint teach with us, but Zr. Fritz and I were both sick this last week and so we had a couple of days without any work and then the rest of the time was Christmas appointments-- if you get a chance to let her know I'm sorry we didn't call, I would really appreciate it.
So, this week has been insane in a lot of ways. 1—Zr. Fritz and I were both sick this week at different times-- so that was rough.
2—With Christmas, a lot of our investigators were pretty busy and would cancel appointments at the last minute—that was pretty frustrating, but it gave us a good chance to have lessons with the people we had arranged to come on joint teach...
But, for a Christmas miracle—we’ve been trying to get a hold of an inactive member ever since I came to Amsterdam 6 months ago. We tried a couple of times to visit her this week because the ward had a Christmas package for her and her family. Well, we were never able to get a hold of her, so we ended up leaving the package with the neighbors. Then, miraculously, she came to church on Sunday with all of her kids! And she asked us to come visit them this week! It was wonderful.
Our investigators who have all been progressing are currently on vacation—but gratefully they’ll be coming back this week (like Kim--man, I miss that girl!). So many people have been on vacation-- I can't wait for them to get back--Claire, Kim, Joyce-- (yes, I'm making special mention of them because they read my blog-- but I love them a lot, too!)--I'm looking forward to seeing them again.
So, a funny adventure--are you ready for this? Riding a bike in the snow. Have you ever tried it? I doubt it. It's quite the time. Most of the week we have taken public transportation, but Christmas Eve we decided to bike because we had a lot to do and public transportation is a little of on holidays-- well-- it was an adventure and a half. Gratefully we didn't have any accidents on Christmas Eve (however, last night on the way home I hit a patch of black ice and took a dive--but no real injuries from that one--just a little bruised).
Christmas Eve in Amsterdam ROCKED! We had a musical service at the church and more than half of the people in attendance were non-members. It was AMAZING! I hope that they got a good impression and that they really felt the spirit. I played the organ (as usual-- I'm not sure if I've told you that I play the organ for the ward-- I'm not sure what they'll do when I get transferred) and the piano for all of the musical numbers. Zr. Fritz played violin while Annika (an AWESOME member) played the recorder and I played the piano for What Child is This. It was great!
You asked about my foot-- well-- here's the deal--I've talked to the mission doctor (who is in Germany) and he said that I just needed to take good care of it and that it wasn't worth going to a doctor here for an x-ray or anything because they wouldn't be able to do much about it. I talked to him and gave him updates weekly for a month. I didn't use crutches or anything, but we took breaks every day to ice it and I took really good care of it. Well, it's been 4 months-- and it still hurts if I walk a lot or if I catch my foot on something. We went to Den Haag today for P-day and as we were playing volleyball, it would hurt when I served because when I serve I drag my foot across the floor. I'm planning on talking to Sister Brubaker about it at interviews on Wednesday. I'm not sure if they can do anything about it anymore-- but I'm going to see.
Things with our other investigators are pretty much the same... Moses didn't make it to church--I don't know what's going on there-- he cancelled our appointment this week because of Christmas--we've really got to start meeting with him multiple times a week if he's serious about this--and I really hope he is.
As for a package--I think I would really just like a letter from the kids.
Really. Well, I've gotta get running. But for a short spiritual thought, I've been thinking a lot about my role as a missionary and how this is preparing me for a lifetime of missionary work. Please never forget to share what you have--just like when you have a favorite restaurant, you tell everyone about it because you love it so much--remember that the gospel is even better--share it like your favorite restaurant--WITH EVERYONE!

I love you so much!
Zuster Fowler

Monday, December 21, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

From e-mail dated December 21, 2009

Tjonge Jonge! The snow here has been falling like crazy. It makes me feel a little better about missing Christmas at home, because at least we have a bit of snow now. Apparently they don't really get snow this early in the year (if at all) in the Netherlands--so the public transportation is taking a hit. But it's been fun. The whole neighborhood around the church yesterday was basically a huge snowball fight--we were walking down the street and got in snowball fights with random people on the street. It was a good time.
The concerts this week were much better attended. However, the outdoor singing was a lot colder and a lot less productive--I'm not sure if the culture is just so different between the Netherlands and Belgium, or if it was just so cold that no one would stop...
So, Kim is in Utah. I miss her like crazy! (And I'm not just saying this because she found my blog and is probably reading this--) I'm definitely looking forward to her coming back in a week and a half. Daisy (Marijke's granddaughter), is doing well. We had a lesson with her this week and talked again about baptism. I'm pretty sure it will come--she just says she wants to learn more first--but she knows it's all true. Kim is really good for her--she talked with her that night at a ward dinner and I was almost expecting Daisy to tell Kim she was going to get baptized on the same day or something.
We set a baptismal date with a new investigator named Moses this week. But he didn't come to church yesterday-- so I'm hoping he'll pull through. His date isn't until February-- but when a baptismal date doesn't come to church, you get worried that they aren't really serious about it.
Yesterday, we decided to take the tram for finding because it was so cold and nobody was outside. Now, it doesn’t really yield lessons to do consecrated hours in public transportation because it’s really difficult to pray with people in a tram or metro, but we felt good about a specific tram when we prayed about it. As we were there, the tram didn’t come and didn’t come—but we were able to talk with a woman at the stop for a long time—and when the tram finally did come, the conversation continued. It was a really positive experience—and I really hope that we have an appointment with her in the future.
So, I bought a pair of boots at the beginning of the fall-- and a week later I had an injury to my foot (I didn't really tell you about it because I didn't want you to worry--), so I bought new boots because the old ones caused too much pain when I walked. Well-- then the new ones got holes in them last week. So, I was back to wearing the old ones for a week--that was bad news with the outdoor concerts and such--and some people noticed that I was in a lot of pain-- so apparently they gathered up a bunch of money and gave it to Zr. Fritz so that I could go buy new boots. A part of me feels so guilty--it's not like I don't have money to buy new boots-- but Zr. Fritz keeps telling me I just need to swallow my pride and buy the boots with the money they gave me because they wanted to do something nice. I'm having a really hard time with it, but I think I'm also learning a valuable lesson about humility and accepting help.
To close up, I'll share something Ive been thinking a lot about with Christmas. I've been thinking about the wise men and how they searched for Christ. They didn't know exactly what they would find or where they would find him--they had faith, they searched long and far, and they gave all they had to find him. Just like the wise men, we need to search for Christ. In Ether 12:41 it talks about seeking Christ and how we will be blessed for it. Especially as we are in this Christmas season, I encourage you to seek Christ--He is the way, the truth, and the light. He is the Savior of the World. I love Him so much. and I love you!
Well, I've gotta run, but I'm looking forward to talking with you on Friday.

Zr. Fowler
P.S. Don't worry about me or my foot--everything's fine--it was just this last week that I've been having problems.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Zelfs in de koud, zingen wij graag

From e-mail dated December 14, 2009.

So, this week has been INSANE. I'll tell you all about it when I get the nitty gritty details of everything out of the way.
I'm glad you got to have lunch with Zr. Fritz's parents. I hope it was enjoyable. I've heard a lot about her parents, and they sound pretty great...
So, calling on Christmas-- here comes the real nitty gritty-- So, with the time difference, it's really difficult-- the ward is putting on a dinner for everyone who doesn't have family for Christmas (including the missionaries), and that starts at 4:00 here and they are going until 9:00 (we won't be staying that long, obviously). So-- what works out best with our schedule is having you call at 3:15 here-- which happens to be 7:15 am for you. If that is a problem, let me know and we can do our best to work something else out--but I figure that the kids are usually up and running about by then on Christmas anyway... I hope it works out better this time than on Mother's day.
Okay, so how did things go this week? The concerts were CRAZY! I feel like we didn't do much work in Amsterdam this week because-- well-- we didn't. We took a train to Brussels on Wednesday afternoon and all of the Zusters spent the night in this HUGE (according to European standards) house. It was 5 floors--3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom. If you can imagine 11 sisters in this house. It was pretty crazy--especially because only one shower gets hot water at a time--so if two people shower at once, one is ICE cold. Basically, we never got to bed before 11:30. Thursday morning, we had a choir practice, and then the rest of the day we went around singing. The French missionaries came and handed out fliers while we sang. And yes, since we were in Brussels, we sang in French. Good times. We had our performance that night, and it wasn't super well attended... but a number of the people who came were the people we met on the street that day--so that was cool. Oh, so really funny thing that happened while we were in Brussels: so, there are a lot of illegal immigrants, right? Well, a lot of them will take huge table cloths and put them in the middle of the outdoor malls with random things to buy--and then when the police come, they grab the 4 corners of the table cloth and throw it over their back like Santa Clause's bag, and run for it so they don't get caught. It was quite the sight. Poor fellow who gets caught though.
Friday we drove up to Antwerp (ew-- English pronunciation again--) and did the same thing. It was a lot of fun. We then drove back to Brussels and spent the night in Brussels again and caught a train Saturday morning back to Amsterdam. Yeah, pretty crazy week.
Saturday night we had a ROCKING AWESOME dinner with Familie Zwaan (Kim's family). They are headed to America for Christmas, so they invited us over for Christmas dinner. (P.S. if you want to get in contact with her or whatever while she's in Utah, you can look her up on facebook on my account--I think she said she has requested me as a friend, and then you can meet her or whatever--also if you want to send anything back, she has said she could take something small over for us--which sorry, I'm a slacker who didn't get that arranged-- so I'm sure she could bring something small back). They had this cooking thing in the middle of the table, and you just cook your own meat while you are sitting there. It was DELICIOUS!!! And they gave us all sorts of Christmas presents, which was super sweet.
Basically, I love being a missionary.
So, I was reading the Book of Mormon on Saturday in the metro (when the guy sitting across from me didn't want to talk with me-- yeah-- sometimes Dutch people are pretty closed--) and was reading about the predictions of Christ's birth. I recommend studying it. It was SO COOL! I love reading that second witness of Christ. I know He lives and was born so that He could live a life for us. I love sharing that with people. I have the coolest opportunity ever here on my mission.

I love you and am looking forward to talking with you next week.
Zr. Fowler

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shocker of all Shockers

From e-mail dated December 7, 2009

So, we got the news about transfers. And-- you'll never believe it-- I'm-- staying in Amsterdam--as is Zr. Fritz. Yeah, crazy, but super good...
We have some SUPER EXCITING news this week. Are you ready for this? Drumroll please--- KIM IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! Yesterday in church she told me that I couldn't get transferred because I had to be here for when she gets baptized. We joke around about baptism a lot with her, but we can't really push it because she told us that if she is pushed to do something, then she runs away. Well, when she said that, I said, "Oh, so you're getting baptized, huh?" "Yeah, I've already got a date in mind," she said. But then she wouldn't tell me when--she said we had to find out first whether or not I was staying in Amsterdam. But, at the end of church she just couldn't hold it in anymore and said she wants to get baptized on February 28! That is her grandfather's birthday--and he passed away a while ago (he was a very active member of the church)--so she feels this is a good way to give him a present. We are SO EXCITED!!!
This upcoming week is going to be pretty crazy--we'll be spending a day in Brussels and a day in Antwerpen for the Christmas choir. Then next week we'll be going to Den Haag (The Hague-- ew-- the English way of saying it is so ugly!) and Rotterdam next week. It should be exciting.
This week we went to the temple and it was AMAZING. I miss it. I love the temple so much! The spirit there was amazing and I wish we could have spent more time there. I'm definitely looking forward to weekly temple attendance when I get back.
After the temple we had Zone Conference, which was great! Then we had a choir practice for the mission choir concerts-- that took FOREVER! We usually have to be home at 9:00, right? Well, we didn't even leave the church until about 9:30-- If we had had to travel home to Amsterdam, we wouldn't have even gotten home until midnight-- so instead we spent the night in the Den Haag Zusters apartment--which meant 7 sisters in one apartment. Whoa buddy. It was pretty insane.
Then Saturday was Sinter Klaas. Zr. Fritz ended up putting vegetables in my boots (apparently I'm known as the mission health nut--). I ended up putting some of the chocolate from one of your packages in hers (so, I got one of the Christmas packages, but not the other. And don't worry--I didn't look at everything in the package--I just needed some chocolate for Sinter Klaas and knew that I would find some in there).
Anyway, I have to get running. But I love you so much. Things with the rest of our investigators are pretty much the same. Not too much to report. Pray for Kim and keep praying for the rest of them.
I read President Packer's Conference talk today and it was amazing! I definitely suggest it. One thing that really stuck out to me was his story about the little girl who prayed that her brother's sparrow trap wouldn't catch any sparrows and then she went and kicked it apart. It got me thinking about how prayer is also a principle of action. God is watching over us and He will answer our prayers, but we have to take action and do something as well--there are many things He has given us on this earth to help us, we can't just wait for a miracle to happen--the miracles are all around us and we need to take advantage of them (i.e. medicines for health, etc.)

I love you so much!
Have a wonderful day!
Zuster Fowler

Monday, November 30, 2009


From e-mail dated Novermber 30, 2009

Woohoo! I'm so excited! Way to go BYU!!! They'd just better win next year, too (so that my last year at BYU will be a win).
I'm glad that the play went well and that you had a good Thanksgiving. I'm also glad that you enjoyed that chocolate and waffles. How's Marci, by the way? I'm sorry the tape is so boring-- I really had no idea what to say. Maar goed. Today I'm writing a Christmas letter to the ward that I'll probably just send to the house--so you can pass it on to the Bishop or whatever...
As for the referral from Pat--we are only allowed to open emails from immediate family, so even if she sent it, I wouldn't be able to open it. It's best if you forward it on.
This week we had a cool experience. On P-day we went to something called Noah’s Ark. Basically a man from the Netherlands thought the country should believe more in God, and thought that building a replica of Noah’s Ark would help to raise awareness about God. It was cool to go there and see what he’s done and how he backs up the Bible with science and such, but even cooler was that we got a chance to talk to some of the people that volunteer there about the gospel. We talked with a couple of young men who didn’t believe in Christ as they grew up—in fact, they knew very little about Him—but they came to Noah’s Ark and felt a little bit of something. Over the next few months, they had a number of experiences that led them to believe in Christ as their Savior and they have completely turned their lives around because they now believe. We talked with them about the restoration and they were really open about it. It was a really neat experience and the Spirit was really strong as we talked with them. It was amazing to see how learning about the Atonement of Jesus Christ could change these young men’s lives. If you want to check out Noah's Ark, they have a website--just google it (I don't remember the website off the top of my head). They are currently working on building one that is supposed to be the actual size of the ark. Pretty crazy! But super cool. I know, I've turned into a gospel freak--I basically love everything having to do with the gospel. One of the pictures is of me with the Kangaroos in the ark because the boys like kangaroos (if I remember right).
Also, this week we finally got in contact with a member who went inactive the week after she got baptized. Missionaries and the ward have been trying to contact her ever since then, but have never been able to. One of the members felt like she should go by, and this girl happened to be home. The member set up an appointment so that we could go over. We were able to talk with her about what has been going on—and she talked about becoming depressed because the missionaries who taught her got transferred the week after she got baptized, and then she didn’t want to come back to church. Talking with her reaffirmed my conviction of the importance of helping investigators form relationships with members. We are hoping to help her develop those relationships and help her return to the church.
As for the other pictures, one is of us and part of Familie Todorovic (the ones from Yugoslavia) and one is of a few of us missionaries outside the Van Gogh Museum a couple of weeks ago (this is my favorite Van Gogh painting).
Well, I've gotta get running, but know, as always, that I love you. I've been studying this week in the Pearl of Great Price to prepare for Zone Conference tomorrow, and it has been AMAZING! One thing I really got a reaffirmed testimony of is the strength that comes as we remember who we are as sons and daughters of God. Even as Satan came to try to tempt Moses, one of the first things he tried to take away from Moses was his identity as a son of God by calling him a son of man. But, Moses was able to stay strong because he knew he was a son of God. Always remember that you are sons and daughters of God and you are here on earth for a very specific reason. I love you so much!

Zuster Fowler

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Het komt wel goed‏

From e-mail dated November 24, 2009

It sounds like you've been having an adventure with the play. Break a leg! And enjoy Thanksgiving break. We are going to have Thanksgiving dinner with an American member on Thursday, so that should be fun. We are in charge of the pumpkin pie-- but they don't really do that kind of thing in the Netherlands. Through a random miracle of events, the Elders have a random can of pumpkin at their apartment, but we couldn't find any evaporated milk, so we are going to make a pumpkin roll instead. Nau, ja, wat kan ye eraan doen?
This week I went to Den Haag on exchanges for a few days. It was an adventure. I worked with Zr. Robbins. She was also trained by Zr. Baxter, so we have a lot of the same ideas about how missionary work should be done... It was amazing. The work in Den Haag is quite a bit slower than in Amsterdam--ik bedoel, they just don't have as many appointments and such--but the ward is a lot more into missionary work, and the ward members really take in the investigators. In Den Haag they have had over 25 baptisms this year. Yeah.
Oh, I did get the package that you sent. Thanks. It's been so great to read in the Ensign. I LOVE it!
The weather in Amsterdam is pretty crazy. Pretty much rain. We have been SOAKED! Yesterday we got to our last appointment of the evening with Kim and her family and they pulled out their hair dryers so that we could dry our clothes.
So, I have some sad news. While I was in Den Haag, the Sisters here had a lesson with Amy. Her parents have decided that she needs to come back to China, so they have stopped providing her with money. She is trying to find a job, but it's really hard at this moment--and she doesn't speak Dutch-- so it's even more difficult. If she doesn't find a job in 2 weeks, she'll be going back to China. Please pray for her.
Well, today we are going to something called Noah's ark with some members, and we are running late, so sorry my email may be a little short today, but I've gotta go. I love you so much!
After you are done with the play, make sure to make some time for the temple--I'm assuming you haven't been since the play has been taking so much of your time. 'We get to go to the temple next week and I'm SO excited! I miss it like crazy. Well, gotta run.

Zr. Fowler

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wat een dag

From e-mail dated November 16, 2009

So, I can imagine you've been freaking out because you haven't gotten any emails yet today :) Ha ha. We had a choir practice today in Den Haag for the Christmas missionary choir, so our schedule was a little switched around and we just barely got back to Amsterdam. It's been a bit of a long day. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I'm the accompanist for the missionary choir. Some of the music is killing me-- but I've only had one week to practice--and as a missionary you don't have a whole ton of time to practice music on a piano. So, hopefully I'll pick them up in a month. I'll forward the flyer on--I've only received the French one-- but I figure dad can understand that one and not the Dutch one :)
Right now we are at the library in the Centrum and there is a talk show that is being filmed where we are. It's pretty crazy, but fun. There's like all sorts of music and random stuff going on. Good times. So, I got letters from Michelle and Matt and Colton this week. Thanks so much. I don't think the kids realize how much a difference their letters make. It really is so cool to get their letters--I hope that they like getting letters from me, too.
So, break a leg with the play. You'll have to let me know how it all goes--and all of the really funny mistakes that happen :)...
Anyway, here are some things that have been going on. We have been teaching a young Chinese woman named Amy. When we first started teaching her, she didn’t even believe in God—she just wanted to learn more about Christianity, but as she has accepted the commitments we have given her of reading from the Book of Mormon daily, coming to church, praying daily, etc. She has developed a testimony of God and Jesus Christ. We had a lesson with her this week where she bore her testimony of how she knew that God loved her—she talked about how she looks back on her life and can see how her Heavenly Father gave her a wonderful family through which she has had many opportunities, and she knows that it was something bigger than coincidence and she knows that God loves her through that. It was so amazing to hear her talk about it.
Also, one of the jovo's (young adults) in the ward had brought a couple of friends to an activity about a month ago, and they thought it was so cool and asked if they could learn more about the church. This week we taught them for the first time and they had so many questions and were so excited when we wanted to give them a Book of Mormon. They are super excited to meet again. It really strengthened my testimony of the importance of members in missionary work--that's when things really go somewhere! Most members have no idea how much of an impact they make on the people around them. This Jovo wasn't even going to invite them to the activity, but they asked where she was going and then asked if they could come along. Afterwards they asked her why they'd never been invited before and then asked to meet with us. Their names are Mark and Lotte, so pray for them.
Oh, really funny quote from one of our Zone Leaders for the week. We were having Interviews, and we always have a training with our interviews. Anyway, we were having an opening song and one of the Zone Leaders got up to lead, then in an instant he realized he didn't know how to lead, and he looked around panicking, then saw me and leaned over and whispered, "I can't lead! That's man language for help me!" It was so funny. I then got up and led, but I was trying not to laugh the whole time. It was ridiculously hilarious.
Things with Kim are going well. I love her so much. She is just a free spirit and we don't want to push her too much or she may run away. Pray that she'll develop a desire to be baptized.
I love this work! I love it so much! I love the Savior with all my heart. I’m not perfect by any means, but this work isn’t about me—it’s about HIM, and He IS perfect. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to participate in this beautiful work.
I love you. Thanks for all of your support and all that you do. I'm fine with nylons--it's actually time for thick tights-- it's so cold! But I should be fine there. I think that's about it. Oh, about your Christmas package, I had to take one of the waffles out because it was barely too much weight and I would have had to pay another 20 euros to send one more waffle, so you are one waffle short.
Also, housing for next fall--I want to live with my MTC companion, Sister Younkin-- We are communicating via mail b/c she is in Denmark, but I sent her your email address to give to her mom.
Also, I think you can officially tell Freshman Academy that I would love to work for them again, if they will have me back--I'll probably send a letter, but it would be great if you could let them know and see if that's a possibility for me.
All right, I've got to get running. I love you!
Never forget how much your Heavenly Father loves you.

Zuster Fowler

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wat een week

From e-mail dated November 9, 2009

So, today I sent off a Christmas package. Hopefully it will get there safely and such. Don't open the presents until Christmas, okay?! But you can do what you want with the food.
We've been getting a ton of rain lately. It's pretty crazy! We're soaking wet and cold a lot of the time-- so it's good we've been getting so many appointments lately that we are spending most of our time inside...
This week we had a really awesome experience going finding. We haven’t knocked doors much since Zr. Fritz and I have been together, but one day we felt like we should. We ended up knocking on a door of a young woman who has a terminal illness. She’s been thinking a lot about whether or not there is a God and what will happen after death. We talked with her and the spirit was amazingly strong. It was neat to know that you were in the right place at the right time and that you could bring someone some peace about things going on in their life.
Things with Kim and Amy are going well. They take things at their pace. Amy now believes in Christ, which is AMAZING! But this week as we talked with her about baptism, she said she can't get baptized because her family already considers her the black sheep, and with Chinese family who don't even know who Christ is, she is afraid they will disown her. Please pray that her family's heart will be softened.
Well, I've gotta get running. One thing I'd like to leave you with is how important the family is. We've been talking about eternal families and such in Sunday School lately, and it's really made me appreciative for everything you have done. I love you all so much and am grateful that through the priesthood that has been restored to the earth, we really can be together forever.

Veel liefs,
Zuster Fowler

Monday, November 2, 2009

het leven van een zendelinge

From e-mail dated November 2, 2009.
once again we are on super difficult computers. so sorry for lack of capitalization and spelling issues. one day i will get some good email off to you...
anyway, things this week have been good. we had 5 investigators in church yesterday! that's the most i've had in church on my entire mission. it was pretty sweet. i also had to translate into dutch yesterday-- i do a lot of translating into english, but translating into dutch for the whole ward was a bit nerve wracking.
this week we have had a lot to do. we are starting a jovo centrum in amsterdam (that is a young adult outreach center), and we missionaries are in charge of getting it up and running. so that should be an adventure.
we also played in a talent show this weekend. some members from another ward called us and asked us to come to hilversum and play the violin and piano in their talent show. we got permission from president and zr. fritz played come thou fount and i accompanied her, then i played we'll bring the world his truth. it was a good time. one of our investigators (amy, the one from china) came with and it was really good for her. keep her in your prayers--mostly that she will develop a testimony of christ.
this week we also had a really intense first lesson with a man from the ivory coast. he is a refugee and he told us his story of how he fled to the netherlands. he just got here a month ago and has no place to live, no job, and is just trying to get by day to day. i feel so blessed that i've never had such a situation--that i grew up in a place where my family was not torn apart or killed and where i was not afraid for my life.
well, i'll wrap up with a spiritual thought.
it comes from alma 29 verse 10.
i really feel like this is me--so joyful for the way i've been able to see people coming unto christ. and it really reminds me of what christ has done for me personally. i've decided that when i come home i want to talk more with friends and extended famiy about the gospel so that i can constantly help others and reminded of what christ has done for me. i challenge yo talk with someone this week so that you can receive the blessings of being reminded of what christ has done for you personally.

i love you all so much!
tot volgende week
zuster fowler

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ik ben door de helfd van mijn zending.

From e-mail dated October 26, 2009

Well, here it is, the halfway point of my mission. Actually, it was last week-- but with the transfer ending this week, it feels a little more real. Especially since Zr. Baxter, my trainer, is going home this transfer. Crazy, huh? I love her so much! It's so strange that she's going home...
Oh, yeah--so I'm staying in Amsterdam. And so is Zr. Fritz. We're really excited to be staying. We've got a lot of work to do and a lot to still learn from each other.
This week we’ve seen some amazing things in Amsterdam. One was a lesson with an investigator named Amy. She is from China and she knows basically nothing about Christ. We had dinner and a lesson at a member’s house this week, and she really opened up as we taught her about Christ. She really felt the spirit testifying to her and she felt that He is her savior. She has A LOT of questions and isn’t sure she accepts everything about Christ, but it’s coming step by step.
Another fun thing in Amsterdam this week is a new finding approach that we tried--we call it flower finding. We went and purchased some cheap flowers and went to a park and gave them out to people and talked to them about what makes them happy. And you know what's amazing? People were actually happy to talk to us! Almost no one turned us down. We had bought 20 flowers, and in an hour we only went through 8. Yeah, we thought it was great. We are definitely going to do it again. And one of the women we talked to is absolutely convinced that we were sent to her from God because she was having a really rotten day--and we won't argue with that--we know we are sent from God, too.
So, I do have some sad news that comes with transfers-- Haarlem is closing. My greenie city is getting shut down. It broke my heart. I can't get the wonderful people there off my mind-- I love them so much, and now there will be no missionaries there-- My heart hurts most for Azelea because the missionaries were such a miracle for her. But, Heavenly Father knows what He is doing and what these people need. Maybe this is just what she needs to get in gear and decide to be baptized.
It sounds like things at home have been busy. Don't kill yourselves, all right? You all need to be alive when I come home in 9 months. This week I got letters from a couple of friends who hadn't written before--Jennifer and-- well-- the other is on a mission so she won't be able to read this anyway-- but say thanks in the blog. It was really great. Sometimes as a missionary you feel long forgotten and wonder what's going on--so it was really nice to hear from her. And thanks for your letters from home as well--they make such a difference.
...And I'm doing great with nylons and crystal lite. The peanut butter here is pretty good, so you don't have to worry about sending more. I'm not picky about what you send. Mostly I just want to hear from ya'll.
Well, I've gotta jet so this can get off to you before the computer blacks out. I love you so much!
Oh, I guess one thing you could send would be some warm wool socks and hand warmers--I'm not sure they have hand warmers here.
Okay, my spiritual thought is to always keep going, there's always something new to try and some way to find more happiness. I love you!
Zr. Fowler

Monday, October 19, 2009

vandaag ben ik jaarig--23

From e-mail dated October 19, 2009.

thanks for the birthday wishes. i'm on a super annoying computer today-so no capitalization, and i apologize for my spelling-- sometimes the buttons are a little difficult to push.
elder schmutz actually told me that you and his dad have been talking. we've actually never met but just talked over the phone to take care of things the office needs.
i hope matt is feeling better. that's crazy that it's hit so bad. a lot of people here are sick too-- i'm hoping we don't catch anything. tell pig boy belated happy birthday.
things with zr. friz are great. she's definitely stressed-- but i don't feel like she's too much more stressed than when i was a greenie. we have fun together and are hoping that we both stay another transfer.
this week was a little rough-- we had a lot of hold backs-- including my key breaking off in my bike lock and a lot of appointments not going through-- it led to a lot of achtering op-- and since zr. fritz's bike doesn't have very good tires, she had to carry our huge bike pump on the back of the bike with her. good times.
we had some really cool experiences too. including going to haarlem again for exchanges. i was in haarlem with zr. hamblin. we had a good time and i got to see some of the people i used to teach--we looked up a couple who had dropped off the face of the earth, and they are now investigating again--and then i got to see lie and milene.
we're also teaching kim zwaan--and she is amazing! i think i wrote a bit about her in my last email. basically she's one of the most amazing investigators i've ever had. pray for her! she even talks to people about the church and brought a friend with her to church yesterday. i really hope i don't get transferred-- and that zr. fritz doesn't either--
thanks for taking care of my checking account and alles. yeah, i made purchases last week--all of my christmas shopping is done-- now i just have to send it off to ya'll. could you put another 100 or so in my account? thanks...
i can't believe i'm 23 today-- so old! and also this is halfway through my mission if i only stay 11 transfers-- whoa buddy-- what have i done with my life?
i love you a lot. thanks for everything. i've gotta get running so that we can make it to zr. fritz's legality appointment on time.

veel liefs,
zr. fowler

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jullie hebben het wel druk

From e-mail dated October 12, 2009.

Wow, life is busy for ya'll at home...
And thanks for the package. I already got it-- and yes, I already opened it-- You crack me up. The CD is great! And thanks for the cake and such. I thought it was really funny that you sent a cake pan, too :). Did grandma Snyder tell you that she already sent me $100 for my birthday? I'll probably just leave it in American money and use it when I get home rather than using it here--it's just too much of a pain to exchange money. It sounds like the American dollar is worth less and less every day! I pulled out 100 euros last week and that ended up being $146? AAAAH! I'll have to be a little more thrifty. Zr. Fritz and I have been doing a lot with the Elders on P-day lately because if you're going to spend your money anywhere, it's Amsterdam--the rest of the Sister cities don't have as many museums and such.
As for birthday p-day plans-- not anything exciting-- we're celebrating birthdays today because there are quite a few of us with birthdays this month. Next week on p-day, Zr. Fritz has a legality appointment, so most of the day will be spent on legality. Hooray for birthdays :)
So, what has happened this week? Well, we've had some pretty funny experiences. Last Monday for P-day we went to the wax museum, so that was fun. Then on Monday night we were going to do some finding it was raining, so people weren't really outside and Zr. Fritz and I have been avoiding langs de deuren as much as possible because it just really isn't that effective. Anyway, so the Elders had told us that in some cities they go "bike finding"--meaning they ride their bikes along until they see someone and then they stop and talk to them. Well-- we decided to try it. We were riding along and saw a man walking, so I put on my brakes-- but with the rain, my brakes started squeaking like crazy! I screeched to a halt next to the man and he was pretty scared that I was going to run into him. We had a short conversation with him, and it was good. But, needless to say, we'll avoid bike finding in the rain from here on out.
We had an amazing appointment with a new investigator this week. His name is Marcel and he is really open and looking for the truth. (Pray for him) But, there was a really funny part in his lesson. We asked him to read in Moroni 10:3-5, and he came to the part where it says "vanaf Adam"(where it says 'from Adam to'... in English) and in the Netherlands A'dam is short for Amsterdam--and because he was reading along, he didn't really think about it and he said "vanaf Amsterdam..." Zr. Fritz and Zr. DeNijs (our joint teach) and I really had to hold in our laughter. It was hilarious. Maybe one of those 'you had to be there moments'.
But besides funny moments, this week has also been full of miracles. On Saturday we went to teach Vili and Ani (they are from Bulgaria). They had told us that they didn't believe President Monson could be a prophet, so we asked them to listen to his talk to the YW from April and then to pray about it. They told us they didn't listen to the whole talk and when they prayed they didn't get an answer. We told them they really needed to listen to the whole thing before they could get an answer, and then we felt impressed to just listen to it right then and there. We pulled it up and listened to the talk in Bulgarian. When it was over we asked them how they felt. Vili looked over at us and began to cry--she told us that she didn't believe before, but now she knew--she said this is the happiest she's been. Then her boyfriend came into the room and he asked what was going on, and she bore testimony to him--he then sat down and started talking to us and even agreed to read the Book of Mormon! The spirit was SO strong!
We also had a really great experience with Familie Todorovic. We have been really concerned that they haven't been making progress, so we were going to give them back to the Lord. However, when we went for our appointment, they had actually read! And as we were talking about it, the granddaughter had all sorts of questions for us and everything finally clicked for her. The spirit was amazingly strong and really testified to her that what we were saying is true. The others in the family are still a little behind and not really progressing--but she is really excited about the gospel now and was even getting frustrated with her family that they weren't getting it!
Anyway, my time is up. I've gotta run. But I love you. Next week we have special permission to go to the temple, and I'm so excited! I encourage you all to go to the temple--I miss it so much. It really is the house of the Lord.

I love you!
Zr. Fowler

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Het is hier ook een beetje friss‏

From e-mail dated October 5, 2009.

So, it's also cold here. I've already pulled out my winter coat, because you're always a little colder with the wind blowing against you as you ride your bike. The rain has started again-- so we're having a good time. I guess the good thing is when it's super cold, you have even more drive to get more appointments so that you can be inside...
Now, for the things happening here. We've had some really interesting experiences this week. I just keep feeling like the work in Amsterdam is going to take off like CRAZY! I'm looking forward to seeing it explode. We're probably taking on another area of Amsterdam because the Elders feel like we could help the investigators there better (we've already taken over a couple of investigators there), so that should keep us on our toes. One of the investigators who we've taken over is from a part member family. She's the sister of my friend Joyce who is currently in Utah on vacation (I wrote a little note warning you that she might contact you on one letter somewhere-- I hope you got that--). Her name is Kim and she's AWESOME! She came to one of the conference sessions and we had just talked to her about receiving answers and finding out if the Book of Mormon is true--then a large portion of the talks in conference was about recognizing the Holy Ghost! She looked at me and was like, "How did they know?!" It was so cool.
By the way, I LOVED conference! It was amazing! I hope you enjoyed it as well. We had quite a few investigators come, which was great. I loved how a big focus was God's love--especially from President Uchtdorf and President Eyring. Really, everything we do should be because we love God. That is definitely something I'm working on doing--making my motivation in everything the love that I have for my Heavenly Father. I know He loves us so much! Because He loves me, I want to be better. I love Him. Now, I need to be better at aligning my actions with that--like the scripture says, If you love me, keep my commandments."
Something cool that happened this week is that we got to work with Zr. Brubaker. We had interviews on Thursday with President and after interviews, Zr. Brubaker came to our appointments with us. It was really neat to see how the spirit worked through her to share her feelings with the investigators, even though she didn't really understand the language. It was a definite testimony builder of the importance of the spirit in teaching.
We've also been trying to implement new and creative approaches in finding. One that was really funny that actually turned out well was talking with a woman about her shoes. "Hey, nice shoes. Where did you get them? By the way, want to hear about the gospel?" Okay, so it wasn't quite like that-- but almost :)
Well, I've gotta get running. But, I love you! I know the gospel is true. Can you believe that it was a year ago that I turned in my mission papers? Crazy. Time flies when-- you're so busy that you can't keep your head on straight :) Just kidding-- sort of--

I love you!
Zuster Fowler

P.S. the pictures are me and Zr. Fritz eating an appel oliebol and then of us with Zr. Brubaker.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Awaited letter arrives.

From letter dated September 28, 2009.

Note- Here's the letter to replace the lost e-mail referred to in the posting dated September 28, 2009. - GRF

Dear Mom & Dad,
I'm so sorry about my email not going through. I had it all ready & went to attach pictures & accidentally closed it. Yeah dumb, I know. It made me really upset because I'd spent so much time & my emotions were in there & with one false click, everything was gone. I'm sorry. I know how much you look forward to getting my emails. But-- oh well-- what can you do?
So, Marijke's baptism was AMAZING! The spirit was super strong. A new member named Jeffrey was the one who got to baptize her, and it was really neat for him. The she was confirmed in sacrament meeting on Sunday. She told me that she feels like a child-- she is excited, ready to learn and grow, and she feels absolutely clean. She's amazing! I love how the Savior has healed her, her life really changed-- especially her perspective on life & she's just so happy now. It's been so amazing to see. She's actually coming on joint teach with us this week-- so that'll be really good!
We also set another baptismal date this week. Her name is Ani. She is 14 & comes from Bulgaria. Her brother was baptized a couple of years ago & is now inactive-- so we've been trying to help him come back to church. In the process, she's decided that the church is true and she wants to be baptized on October 31. Her mom also wants to be baptized... So pray for Vili and Ani!
As for the rest of our investigators, things are going really well. We've got a couple thinking about baptism and we've found some really positive people this week. One, named Francoise came to church yesterday & LOVED it! We're praying she'll also get baptized.
Training is good. The hard part is being responsible for EVERYTHING because Zr. Fritz is so overwhelmed right now. It's also hard to see how hard she is on herself. I remember how it is to be in her shoes-- less than 6 months ago I was there-- and it's hard to be in a completely new land, not knowing what's going on-- feeling like you follow your trainer around like a puppy dog-- and missing home like crazy. I just hope I'm able to help her the way the Lord wants me to help her. She's so great & I love her so much! I've learned so much in the week and a half we've been companions. She's AMAZING!!!
I hope that things at home are going well. How's the play? How's Chris doing in Florida?
I want to tell you how much I love you. Thanks for all that you've done for me & all that you continue to do. It's weird that I've been gone so long. Missionary life is normal for me now-- as a greenie I never thought this would be normal-- I knew I would love it, but normal is a different story. I already start getting anxious when I think about going back to non-mission life-- so I think about it as little as possible-- and I still have 10 months left-- man I'm really going to be a basket case when I no longer wear a name tag!
Well I'm gonna run.
I love you! I know the gospel is true. I've really seen it touch and change people's lives. It's hard to talk with people daily who laugh at you and challenge your beliefs-- but it's strengthened my testimony. I know there is a God. I know it with all my heart. I've spent a lot of time praying & thinking about the things people challenge us with-- and every time my answers come back stronger and stronger from the Holy Ghost. I know it's true.
I love you!

Veel Liefs,
Zuster Chantelle Fowler

Monday, September 28, 2009

Computer glitch strikes.

September 28, 2009

We received this short e-mail from Chantelle this morning. Apparently she experienced an e-mail malfunction. I will post her letter as soon as I receive it, which from previous experience could arrive in a few days or a couple of weeks. - GRF

So-- I didn't send my letter and it just exited out-- I'm sorry. I'll send a real letter. The computer's going to turn off in less than 30 seconds. I love you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mijn groentje is geweldig!

From e-mail dated September 21, 2009.

So, this week has definitely been an adventure, to say the least. Going from junior companion to senior and trainer in all one jump has been a bit overwhelming, but it's been good. But, before I go into that, I'll start with what happened at the beginning of the week. My bike got stolen. Yup. You heard me right. Stolen. We walked out on Monday to go meet our joint teach and head to our appointments to see that my bike was gone...
But, Heavenly Father works miracles. We called our joint teach, and she came to meet us at our place. She then rode achter op to our appointment and then after our appointment she told us that she has a bike that I could just have. It is an old bike, but at least it is a bike. Then, the next day I was making phone calls, trying to see if I could work anything to get a cheap bike for my greenie, and instead I got two free bikes--one for me and one for my greenie. Yeah, miracles. Heavenly Father knows what he is doing.
Now to let you know about my greenie--I am serving with Zuster Jillian Fritz. She is the one who wrote on my blog a few months ago, and she followed my blog up until she entered the MTC. Random, but super cool. Anyway, she is AMAZING! Her Dutch is wonderful, she is a super hard worker, and she is just an absolutely amazing person. She is definitely overwhelmed right now--but she's adjusting well. She and I get along super... She is a wonderful missionary and we have already seen so many miracles! This transfer is going to bring so many more miracles, I'm so excited for all that's ahead of us!
Marijke is doing wonderfully--the ward has really taken her in, and it's so wonderful to see. She is getting baptized on Saturday, and I'm SO excited for her! She has changed so much since we first met her, and the gospel has just brought so much light to her life. I'm so excited for her to get the gift of the Holy Ghost and to see how that affects her. She is so excited to get baptized, and even more excited to be able to be sealed to her husband in the temple in a year (he passed away a number of years ago). I'm definitely already trying to think about whether or not it would be possible for me to come back for that.
Saturday, Zr. Fritz and I saw an amazing miracle. We have decided that Amsterdam needs more opstraat and less langs de deuren. We felt really good about going to the park to find and as we were walking along, we saw a young woman who had just gotten done jogging. We felt like we needed to talk with her. We talked with her about God’s love and told her about how we could receive more of his love through the Book of Mormon. I shared with her Alma 26:27 and an experience about how it really touched my life. We then asked her if she’d be interested in learning more. She started to cry and said yes—she’d recently begun wondering how she could strengthen her relationship with Christ and she told us we were sent by God to talk with her. We have an appointment with her this week. She was definitely prepared to meet us and I know that Heavenly Father sent us there for her. The spirit in our contact was AMAZING!
I love you all, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that the gospel is true. Tell Chris thanks for his letter...
Well, I've gotta get running, but know that I love you. The gospel is true, and the spirit can change peoples' lives. I've seen it--both in other peoples' lives and in my own. Please keep praying for Marijke and for the rest of the people we teach (some specifics are Ani, Vili, Dadson, and Familie Todorovic--they could really use your prayers right now). I love you!

Zuster Fowler

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Monday, September 14, 2009

Well... transfers definitely brought a surprise...

From e-mail dated September 14, 2009.

So, I guess I'll start off with the big news about transfers. Definitely surprising--and overwhelming--and great--and well-- everything-- I have A LOT of mixed feelings. I'm training. Yup. You heard right. Training. So, I don't know who my companion will be quite yet because there are two sisters coming in and President will interview them when they come in and then decide who goes where. So, it will definitely be an adventure. Pray a lot for us both--and if anyone was ever a trainer and has any training tips, they would be appreciated.
So, I'll be staying in Amsterdam with a groentje (greenie) and Zr. Miller is going to Dordrecht to work with Zr. Driggs. I'm excited to see what the faith and ideas of a greenie can bring to Amsterdam. It will be amazing!...
Brussels was definitely an adventure. We had had Zone Conference with Elder Kopishke (the Area President) on Friday in Den Haag, and it was AMAZING!!! His knowledge of the scriptures and ability to listen to and follow the spirit was eye opening for me. I learned so much from his example and received so many answers to prayer and so many ideas about how I can help the people we are teaching and the work in Amsterdam move forward. Then, because Zone Conference ran later than planned, we ended up missing our train to Brussels, so President gave us special permission to ride with the Appeldorn Zone Leaders in their car. That was definitely weird, just being with two Elders in a car-- but we got there safe and it was a good time. So, Saturday Zr. Miller went to Zone Leader Council with Soeur Rideout and Soeur Gagon and I did some work in Brussels. It was fun. I can still understand French, I just can't speak it. We had some amazing experiences talking with people who were so open to hearing about the gospel, and I got some great new ideas from the way that the French sisters do things.
Saturday night we got back in time to make it to a baptism in Amsterdam of one of the Elders' investigators named Roland. The spirit there was AMAZING! That's the strongest I've felt the spirit in a while. He has TOTALLY changed his life around--he used to be on drugs and all sorts of other things, but he learned about the gospel and left it all behind. The atonement works miracles! He told me on Sunday that the feeling he had as he came up out of the water was the best feeling he's ever had in his life and he is so happy that he left everything else behind him.
Marijke is doing well--still on the track to baptism. She is officially stopped with smoking for a week and doing so well! She received a blessing to help her, and the spirit was awesome! I love the power of the priesthood. Every time I am able to see someone's life affected by the priesthood, a feeling overcomes me and I can't deny that the church is true. I love it!...
I've got to get running before the computer shuts off on me--but know that I love you all so much! You are constantly in my prayers. I'm definitely looking forward to spending eternity as a family. I know the gospel is true--I know it with all my heart.

Veel liefs,
Zuster Fowler

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sorry, een beetje kort...

From e-mail dated September 7, 2009.

So, my email this week will be a little short because we are now sending our President's letters via email and it took some time to figure out how we could get it saved and everything-- and the library only allows you to use internet for half an hour a day (so even though President has extended our email priveleges to 45 minutes so we can email him, it doesn't change anything for those of us who have time restrictions in the place we email).
Something I forgot to mention in my email last week is that Sister Brubaker (the mission president's wife) is doing a mission blog. It is Enjoy :)
Also, Zr. Miller said that if you want to send my birthday package with her mom, her mom will probably be coming back to the Netherlands before my birthday. She's going to email her mom and ask, and then I'll let you know if that's an option. (Her parents live part of the time in the Netherlands and part in Utah).
I also thought of something I would like for my birthday--it is a CD called Worship by the group Octapella. Zr. Miller has it, and I'm going to miss it when we aren't companions anymore.
Speaking of which, transfers are next week. Crazy! We'll see what happens. I feel like I still haven't done what the Lord sent me to do in Amsterdam, so I feel like I'm staying, but we'll see.
This week the Elders in Amsterdam had a baptism. There is a woman from the Philippines who they reactivated, and her kids got baptized on Saturday. It was such a neat experience. It really reminded me of when I was baptized. I still have vivid memories of my baptismal day--being afraid that I'd have to be baptized more than once (like Justin Turner who went before me), the weight of the hands on my head when I was receiving the Holy Ghost, banana splits at the house afterward, etc. It really is such a great experience--and such an important one. The spirit at the baptism really reminded me why we do what we do, and that even the hard times are more than worth it.
We also had exchanges again this week. I worked with Zr. Erickson in Amsterdam and we had a great time. Working with her really helped me in a lot of ways--just being able to talk with her about some of our mutual issues and talking about how to help the work improve in our areas. She's such a wonderful missionary!
Oh, so funny story. On exchanges, Zr. Miller and Zr. Driggs were also working in Amsterdam and they went to look up an old investigator. The investigator (Vili, from Bulgaria) was home and they had a lesson with her and her daughter Ani and her son Yanko (who is actually a member). Well, Ani said that they had some friends from Austria who wanted to talk to us, and we were like, "Sweet! Referral!" Anyway, we went back for our appointment on Friday, and Ani told us that her friends wanted to talk to us--but they were on Skype. We asked how we were going to talk to them since we don't know German, but she said that they speak English. Anyway, we sat down and looked at the video on the computer--and it was Sister Missionaries! They are teaching Vili's sister in Austria. It was really funny, and a good time.
This next week is going to be INSANE! We have Zone Conference on Friday in Den Haag with Elder Kopishke from the Seventy--and we have been told that it is going to last from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 or 7:00 at night. Then we are headed straight down to Brussels because Zr. Miller has a meeting in Brussels on Saturday, so I'll be going on exchanges with one of the French sisters in Brussels. It'll be a good time.
Well, I've gotta get running. I love you. I know that the church is true. Marijke is doing AWESOME! I love her so much! And seeing how excited she is about the gospel and about her baptism just makes me excited every day. Keep her in your prayers. The power of prayer is amazing--it really is communication between us and our loving Father. I've never prayed so much in my life--and I hope I only keep praying more and more. My testimony of prayer has grown immensely over these last couple of transfers--it definitely gives strength and power.

I love you so much!
Zuster Fowler

Monday, August 31, 2009


From e-mail dated 31 August, 2009.

Wow. It sounds like a lot is going on in the Fowler family. I hope that everything goes well...
Congratulations to Matt for getting into show choir. Break a leg with auditions for the play! Let me know how it goes. Some of you kids are bums who still haven't written me--I now have less than a year, so you'd better get a move on it. In fact--I've pretty much stopped getting letters all together. Part of me is okay with it because then I don't stress about being so behind on writing letters on p-day when there is so much else to do-- but a part of me really wants letters :) (that's the selfish part of me--sometimes a letter just makes a huge difference after a long day).
I will probably get the package at Zone Conference next week--it is on September 11 with Elder Kopishke--the area president (He is doing a mission tour next week). As for a birthday package-- I don't really know-- some pictures of the family? That would be good. A letter from everyone would also be nice...
So, what happened on this rough day? Melvin broke up with us. We went to our appointment and his begeleidster was there (kind of like a social worker-- in a way--) and she told us that he doesn't want to meet with us anymore. He was there-- but she was the one that did most of the talking. She told us that it was too stressful on him and that he doesn't want any more contact with the church. It was really sad. I think he's really confused and she's really concerned for him because he has been making so many changes in his life, and she voiced her concern, and then he began to doubt and then decided that this wasn't for him. It really surprised us so much because he had made so many changes in his life and there was a new light that had entered his eyes and he had found happiness that he had never had before-- and now it's just all gone-- really sad. He did say he wanted to keep the Book of Mormon though because he had received answers to his prayers through it. I don't really understand what the deal is-- but we're still praying for him. If ya'll could pray really hard for him this week, it would be appreciated.
However, things with Marijke are going really well. She is loving everything she is learning and things are super.
I also got to go back to Haarlem on exchanges. I worked with Zr. Robbins. It was WONDERFUL! I felt like I was at home again. I miss Haarlem a lot. We had an appointment with Azelea, which was AMAZING! I got to meet her mother, who was here to visit from Ethiopia. She couldn't stop talking about how grateful she was that Zr. Baxter and I had taught her during a really rough time in her life. I love Azelea and Belina so much! I also got to see a number of other people that I dearly love in Haarlem. I really hope that I'll get to finish off my mission there-- not likely-- but the Lord is the planner, right?
Okay, so a miracle--while I was in Haarlem, we were going finding. Zr. Robbins and I felt good about the Louis Pasteur straat, and when we got there, I felt like we needed to go to a specific building. The first bell-up we rang was a woman who, after I introduced us, said, "My darlings! I've been meaning to call you! I've been reading the book and I want to talk!" She didn't have any time to talk then because she was running off to work, but we got her phone number and they are going to set up an appointment. It was amazing. We have absolutely no idea who she is-- but apparently she received a Book of Mormon from sisters a while ago and likes it :)
Now, for the funniness of the week-- Zr. Miller and I were getting hair cuts. We were planning to get different hair cuts so that we would look different. I was going to go pretty short, and she was just going to get a trim-- well-- at the end of getting my hair cut, the girl said, "Wait a minute! Why is your hair still long?!" She had messed up-- and now we both have exactly the same hair cut. Now we look even more like twins than before. It's pretty funny. I'll have to send a picture.
Anyway, I've got to get going. But I love you all. I've been studying the life of Jesus Christ lately, and my testimony has grown immensely. I know that He is our Savior. I know He loves us. He knows what we go through and He will be there to comfort us. One of my favorite scriptures ever is John 14:18.

Okay, gotta go!
Love you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Twee nieuwe doop datums!

From e-mail dated August 24, 2009.

What a week!...
How are the kids enjoying their first days of school? Crazy that BYU is starting up again, too-- crazy that I'm not there-- maar goed :)
Yes, I did see Elder and Sister Pankratz at the mission conference. They are doing well. They are actually working some of the time in the mission office, so whenever I get something from the mission office there is usually a little note from them on it--it's sweet.
Today for p-day we are headed to a castle! It should be a good time. But because of that, I may not get a letter off to Michelle this week--I'll do my best, but I may have to double up and write her and Chris next week.
So, this week has been full of ups and downs and absolute craziness in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is definitely full of everything--good and bad--and we've seen a lot of both this week. So, I'll tell you about the good things we've seen :)
Last week on Sunday we were going to look up a referral we had received. We were going to park our bikes on the sidewalk when a woman who was taking a smoke break in her achtertuin (sort of like a back yard in the Netherlands-- but not really--) told us that we shouldn't park our bikes there because they'd most likely get stolen. We started talking to her, and the conversation came around to the gospel. She wasn't sure what she believed because she felt like there was a God, but she'd seen so many bad things happen in her life (her life really was pretty awful from the stories she has told us). We testified to her about Christ and about how He could help her. At the end of our 45 minute conversation we had an appointment with her at the church for Wednesday. On Wednesday she met us at the church and we taught her about the restored gospel. We especially testified of how Christ could help her release her pain from her life. To make a long story short, she accepted a commitment to be baptized on September 26 (which is also her birthday). We met with her again on Friday and she had read all of 1 Nephi and loved it--she told us that she has a feeling that her life is going to change for the better. She came to church yesterday and absolutely loved it! It is so great! So, keep Marijke in your prayers :)
Another wonderful thing this week: MELVIN SET A BAPTISMAL DATE!!! He is also getting baptized on September 26. He is doing so much better from last week and is really excited about the direction the gospel is taking him. He keeps telling us about how he'll pray about something and then as he is reading in the Book of Mormon, he gets an answer. It's so great to see the changes that have happened in his life since we found him about a month and a half ago. He told me yesterday that he feels happier than ever before in his life. I love the happiness that comes through the gospel! Please also keep him in your prayers.
Other exciting news:
Interviews with President Brubaker are tomorrow--I'm pretty stoked. I love getting to talk with the President and getting his inspired counsel about my role as a missionary.We get 2 exchanges this transfer--the first one is on Thursday--and I get to go to-- HAARLEM!!! I'm SO stoked to go back to Haarlem, even for a day. I love it there SO much! I'll be working for the day with Zuster Robbins--she and I were in the same ward last spring and summer terms at BYU when I lived in the Regency. I'm so excited because we have an appointment with Azelea, and I hope that we will be able to commit her to baptism.
The second exchange is next week, and Zuster Erickson will be coming to spend the day with me in Amsterdam.
Oh, another awesome experience of the week happened on a pont (a boat that takes us from one side of the IJ--a river--to the other side, so that we can get to North Amsterdam). I was standing there with my bike and started talking to the woman next to me. The ride is only a couple of minutes, but I've really been working on making the most of every minute and I really felt like I should talk to her. She told me that she is from Poland and she was going back to Poland this week to see her brother who is dying from cancer. She told me that she thinks this will be the last time she will see him. I testified to her of how Christ can give her peace and then asked if I could give her a card with a picture of Christ. She took one look at the card and started to cry. I know that I was supposed to talk with her. She doesn't live in our area, but after she gets back from her trip to Poland, I'm hoping the Elders will be able to make contact with her.
The gospel is wonderful. I love it so much! It's so great to share what I love with the people here. Yes, it's hard--but it is SO worth it. That's what I keep telling Melvin when he mentions how hard it can be sometimes--that it's the moite ward (worth it).

I've gotta jet. I love you!
Zuster Fowler

Monday, August 17, 2009

De zomer komt ook hier tot een eind

From e-mail dated August 17, 2009.

It sounds like things have been going well in Utah. Keeping yourselves busy as usual. Today has been a bit of a rough day-- we went outside this morning to find that I had a flat tire-- and things have just kind of gone from there-- that's why we're emailing so late today--we've cancelled a lot of our other p-day plans and are just hoping to get everything in that we HAVE to do. As we were trying to find an open bike shop today so that we could buy an inner tube for my bike (a lot of places in the Netherlands are closed on Monday) I just got to thinking how if I were home and there was a problem with my car or whatever the first person I would call is dad. Thanks for always being there for me mom and dad. You really are the best!
As for the talk in church last week--since Amsterdam is such a mixed culture ward, they actually have translation that is done by the missionaries--so they knew what I was saying thanks to Elder Spurrier. And we've heard a lot about the conference in Amsterdam--a lot of the members went to help translate.
Elder Nelson actually did a lot of things while he was here in the Netherlands--he spoke at the Family Conference, he held a fireside for the members, and he actually also came and spoke to us missionaries. The whole mission (French and Dutch) came together on Thursday for a special mission conference with Elder Nelson. This is the first time on my mission (and probably the last) that the whole mission has been together. It was a great experience. We heard from Elder Nelson and his wife, as well as the Seventies who are over our area. It was wonderful. We learned a lot about working with the members, letting our light as missionaries shine, and the love of God for us all. Wow. But, one of the most inspiring parts for me was right at the beginning--every one of the missionaries got to come up and shake their hands. It made me think of 3 Nephi 11 when Christ invites all of the Nephites to come and touch his hands and side. The spirit by our mission conference was strong. I know that Elder Nelson is called of God to help guide the church today--I know that he holds the power to act in God's name--and he used that power to bestow on us an apostolic blessing, which was also really special. I don't have my notes with me, but he blessed us that our families would be blessed as we are serving with all our hearts and that we would be prepared to share the gospel throughout our lives. The gospel really is so important--I can't stress that enough! God loves us so much, and the purpose of this life is to return to Him--the way to do that is to choose Christ--and we choose Christ by living the gospel.
You mentioned that the kids are going back to school. Summer is also coming to an end here. The kids started school in Amsterdam today--it's fun to ride past the playgrounds and hear noise again. The tourists are also starting to disappear--it's definitely easier to ride through the centrum without so many tourists standing confusedly in the middle of the bike paths and not moving, even when you use your bell to warn them that you are coming.
I've been able to make good use of my piano skills here in Amsterdam. I end up playing the piano every week for Relief Society (that was the same in Haarlem), but also Zr. Miller and I switch off playing the organ in Sacrament meeting. Good times. However, even better, a couple of people have asked for piano lessons--and these people are not members! So, we do piano lessons as our service for the week and then after a half an hour piano lesson we do a half an hour gospel lesson--they are reading from the Book of Mormon and coming to church--we've actually gotten two new investigators through giving piano lessons. I'm glad that I can use one of my favorite talents to build up my Heavenly Father's kingdom.
I don't have a whole ton of time left, but I also want to update you on Melvin. Things with him are going well. We have been teaching him about the commandments, and Friday night he called us freaking out--he told us that he just wants to be good and follow God, but he didn't think he had enough faith. We gave him some scriptures to read and made an appointment to come by the next afternoon. We prayed for him and had everyone we talked to praying for him. When we came by on Saturday, he was completely calm--he told us that he knew that he could live the commandment and the God would give him the strength he needs. He is now praying about a baptismal date!...

I've gotta go. I love you!

Zuster Chantelle Fowler

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sheri Dew in Amsterdam?

From e-mail received August 10, 2009

Things are going better this week. I did a lot of praying and realized I needed to humble myself... Things are getting better. I hate how prideful I can be sometimes--it really is the universal sin, and one that keeps coming back to haunt me! I get over one form of pride only to find that I have another.
Yes, the picture was of me eating herring. They usually give a lot of onions with it. It actually wasn't that bad. Definitely not my favorite food of all time--but I didn't throw up, so that's a good sign...
So, news for this week-- Melvin came to church yesterday! It was GREAT! He really liked it. He has been telling us he'd come to church for weeks--then this week we had given him a pamphlet and there was ONE SENTENCE in there that talked about how attending church is a commandment--the next time we met with him he told us that he didn't realize church was so important and that he would come from here on out. He's really progressing. He still doesn't see why he needs to be baptized (he was baptized when he was 12 and doesn't understand that the authority is important)--so pray for him that he will understand that.
Someone else also came to church yesterday-- Sheri Dew. And Elder Russel M. Nelson's wife. And guess who had to give a talk? Yup. Me. I walked into Sacrament Meeting with Melvin and was sitting in the audience with him when I realized who was sitting on the stand. Oh dear! It's bad enough giving a talk--let alone a talk in a language that you don't know perfectly--and then just add in that two important figures in the church are there. Tjonge Jonge! Well, I spoke on Faith in Christ as the first and most important principle of the gospel. One of my favorite scriptures that I rediscovered this week as I was studying for my talk is Moroni 7:33 that talks about receiving power through faith in Christ (actually-- I'm not positive what it says in English-- but that would be the literal translation from the words in Dutch). I definitely know that I have received strength and power from my faith in Christ to do all that is asked of me--including giving that talk!
A couple of other people were there in church as well:
One of my best friend's (Marci Murray) home teachers--she had told him to stay on the look out for me (and it's easy to find someone when they give a talk in the ward you attend) as well as a girl who had served her mission with two of my friends from high school (NaDene Lemmon and Chase Hochstrasser). Good times.
This week we've had an English fast--so from Wednesday of last week until the upcoming Wednesday the only time we are allowed to speak English is when we are talking with people who do not speak Dutch. We even have to do all of our scripture reading in Dutch. It's been a crazy experience, but really good. Having planning sessions and all of our studies in Dutch is interesting, but I've definitely learned a lot.
We've also found a lot of positive people this week--so hopefully they will become investigators soon. We are teaching a lot of wonderful people--pray that they will make more progress.
Well, I'm going to try to add a couple of pictures. If I have time, I'll tack on some more writing. I love you all!
The pictures are of us in traditional Dutch costume, and then last p-day we went to the I AMsterdam monument and had a sports p-day (that's why we aren't in missionary attire). Enjoy.

Zuster Fowler

Monday, August 3, 2009

Staying in Amsterdam

From e-mail dated 3 August, 2009

Well, transfers are this week--and both Zr. Miller and I are staying in Amsterdam...
As far as when I will be coming home from my mission, I'm not positive about when that would be-- but most sisters only stay 11 transfers--and I feel like I need to come home in July rather than August-- but when it gets closer to when that decision will be made, I'll talk with President about it.
So, what has happened in Amsterdam this week?
Well, Monday we went to Volendam--a tourist town--where we took pictures with our District in traditional Dutch costume. We have an "official" picture, but if I have time I'll send some of the random ones attached to this email.
Tuesday we had a lesson with Frank--the man who was supposed to get baptized this week-- well-- he no longer wants to get baptized. We had had a lesson with him on Saturday and afterwards he was calling all of his friends to invite them to come to his baptism, but everyone was telling him that they wouldn't come. So, then he began to ask people why they wouldn't come and what they knew about the church. Only one person had ever even heard of the church before--he apparently used to be a member and is now a pastor for another church. He told Frank that we worship someone besides Jesus Christ and that after he is baptized he will be taught different things than what he has already learned--he also told him that there can't be any other scriptures than the Bible and told Frank that he shouldn't be baptized. Frank is really really confused and he has said that we can still come over and talk about Christ, but that he doesn't want to be baptized and doesn't want to read the Book of Mormon anymore. We encouraged him to read the Book of Mormon again and pray about it again because God is the only one who can really tell him what comes from God. So, as for now, we are not meeting with him regularly anymore, but we will stop by in a couple of weeks or so.
Wednesday we had a Zone Conference in Utrecht, and it was really great. We talked about the Atonement and how that is our main message. The spirit was amazing! That night we had a lesson with our investigator, Melvin, about the atonement. It was wonderful! The spirit is so strong when you talk about Christ and what He has done. It really was phenomenal.
Friday we had a good time doing some finding on the Jennerstraat. It really made me laugh--oh good memories from my friend Jenner Black. We had some really interesting conversations, and I couldn't help but try and compare them to the personality of Jenner, since we were finding on "his street."
I want to close up with testimony of the Atonement. I know that Christ lives. He loves us. He is my Savior, and your Savior. It is through Christ that it is possible that we could come to earth, that we could experience all we are experiencing, and that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. One scripture we use a lot when teaching about the Atonement is Alma 7:11-13. I remember one night my freshman year of college I was really really sick. I was curled up on the couch in our kitchen and I was studying from the Book of Mormon. I came across that verse, and it spoke to me in a way it never had before when it says that Christ has taken our pains and our sicknesses upon Him. I had such an overwhelming confirmation of the spirit then that He knew what I was feeling as I sat curled up on the couch, feeling like my body was going to die. I know that He did it all for me--and I know that He will help me as I am working my hardest on my mission.

I love you all and I pray for you daily.

Zuster Chantelle Fowler

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zes maanden--gek!

From e-mail dated 27 July, 2009

It sounds like Scout Camp was a good time. I'm glad to hear you didn't get too wet while you had to live in your own shelter.
I did get the package--thanks so much. It was nice to be able to play some music again. I will be playing one of the pieces at Frank's baptism-- he was supposed to get baptized this upcoming Saturday-- but he didn't come to church yesterday-- so we are going to reset his baptismal date--hopefully he will be able to get baptized in a couple of weeks. We are pretty saddened that he didn't make it to church yesterday--especially because he loves the gospel so much and he always talks about how he knows this is what he wants. But, it will come--he will be able to get baptized--I just always have to remember that it is on the Lord's timing, not on mine...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chris and Mom!
I don't know if Chris got my card yet-- but I will send one to mom today. Also--I know that this week is Chris' turn for a letter-- but since I sent him a card last week, I'm not going to worry about it too much because we are going to Volendam today with the Elders and a couple of people from the ward, so I won't have a lot of letter writing time.
So, what has happened this week?Well, it's been kind of crazy-- we were supposed to have interviews with President Brubaker on Thursday, but we got a call Wednesday night to tell us that our interviews were moved to Saturday-- so we moved all of our Saturday plans to Thursday at the last minute-- then Thursday they called us and told us that President Brubaker couldn't come Saturday-- so then we had no plans for Saturday-- so we did finding-- and then on Saturday we were called and told that we would be interviewed on Sunday after church-- so we had to move all of our Sunday plans around--basically it's been a crazy week of moving things around at the last minute, but all worked out.
Interviews with President were great. The training we had was just what I needed and my conversation with President gave me a lot of help that I really appreciate. I really want to share one of my insights from the training with you: We were talking about charity--which is SO important as a missionary (and as a person in general :) )--and we were talking about how it is the pure love of Christ. Now, most of the time I think of it as me needing to work on developing the love that Christ has for everyone, but yesterday it struck me a little differently. Charity=the pure love of Christ=the pure love that I have for my Savior Jesus Christ. I realized that as I work on developing more and more love for my Savior, I'll be able to do everything I need to and share His love with people because I love HIM so much. Just another spin on charity and how we can develop more charity. I'll be working on continually increasing my love for the Savior--I know that will help me in everything I do.
So, funny story. We exercise every morning--so sometimes we go jogging/walking along a canal in the neighborhood where there are lots of ducks and geese. Well, this week as we were going through this area, the ducks and geese started hissing at Zr. Miller and then they started chasing her. It was hilarious! They don't seem to have any problem with me--they only go after her. It is a pretty funny sight.
Zr. Miller's birthday was also this week, so we had a lot of birthday cake and a lot of singing. One of the members who comes on joint teach with us a lot (who totally reminds me of Toni Broadhead--seriously! They look sort of alike [besides the fact that Lucky is from Thailand], they act a lot alike, and they are both just wonderful!) had us over for dinner last night. Lucky is a new member who got baptized in February. She is a rock star. Anyway, she also gave me gifts since she was giving Zr. Miller gifts. It was really nice of her.
Friday Zr. Miller had to go to Belgium for a legality trip, so I spent the day working in Den Haag with Zr. Bennett and Zr. Baxter (their companions were also going to Belgium). It was so much fun to get to work with Zr. Baxter again! I miss working with her a lot. She is so wonderful.
Anyway, I've gotta jet. Sorry that my emails are always so random and out of order-- but I love you all!
Zuster Fowler

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ik ben een kind van God

From e-mail dated 20 July, 2009

Wow. Sounds like you are off to another fun week, dad. Don't kill yourself at scout camp, okay?
I still haven't gotten the package-- hopefully it comes soon. It actually will probably be better from here on out if you just send them to the office--that way there is always someone there to receive it and we don't have to worry about it getting lost in the Bijlmer (I guess I may have forgotten to mention that the Bijlmer is the ghetto of Amsterdam-- the part we live in is safe, but it's still not exactly the most reliable types of people when it comes to packages being delivered and such). I'm sure it will come--hopefully sometime soon.
I did end up getting Michelle and Renee's letter. Renee must have written a different one she sent with Mom's letter--the Michnee letter came on Thursday of this week...
So, this week has been a little rough. I'm learning a lot about how important it is to have your Heavenly Father's trust and about how agency affects more than just yourself... I keep praying that Heavenly Father will accept my work as the best I am able to do under the circumstances and I keep reminding myself that I am a child of God (as the title of the email says) and that He loves me.
Anyway, our experiences this week have been interesting, to say the least. Friday we had an Amsterdam Blitz, which means that all of the District Leaders and their companions in the Zone as well as all of the Zusters in the mission came to Amsterdam to work for an afternoon. We went on exchanges for the afternoon and I got to work with Zuster Erickson. It was great! She is a wonderful missionary. The area we were assigned to was the closest area to the church, so we ended up walking the whole day. It was really interesting to walk instead of be on the bikes. I felt like I was in a different country :). We had planned out our afternoon with an order of how we would do our assignments. As we were walking along, we walked past a street we were planning to hit up on the way back from the church to look up an old investigator. We felt like we should go there now. We went and no one was home. But we both felt like we should stay on that specific street. We didn't have a map because I knew the areas we were supposed to go to well enough... so we said a quick prayer that we wouldn't get lost, and we kept walking. At the end of this really long street we ran into a young man named Clarence and started talking to him. We had a super long conversation with him and he was really open. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more. We set up an appointment, and then he said (in Dutch, of course), "You know, I never take this street to go where I need to go-- but I felt like I should today--" Wow. Both of us led by the spirit so we could be in the right place at the right time. It was a great experience. It's amazing how inspiration works!
We also had an appointment with Familie Todorovic this week (the family from Yugoslavia)--but the parents weren't there when we got there-- so we ended up teaching the kids (they are all older). Only one of them speaks Dutch, so it was interesting to have to have him translate everything. By the time we left, they asked if they could come to church--we were shocked because we hadn't even been able to communicate much to them. They didn't end up coming to church this week-- we aren't sure why-- but the fact that the spirit reached them enough even through broken messages and translation was amazing.
Other than that, this week has been full of cancelled appointments, people who are drunk at our appointment, and finding.
Well, I'm almost out of time.
Know that I love you and pray for you often. How are my grandmothers doing?
Okay, for a short spiritual thought--I know that God hears and answers prayers, and that he loves us-- man, I've gotta go or I won't get this sent off before the computer shuts down in 25 seconds.

Zuster Fowler!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Amsterdam is een beetje gek!

From e-mail dated 13 July, 2009.

Hoi hoi!
I'm glad to hear that you all survived Havasupai. It sounds like things are definitely changed there-- hmmm-- Hopefully I'll get to go another time in the future.
Oh, before I forget (I've been meaning to ask this question for a month or something)--what day of the week was I born? In Ghana everyone is named for the day of the week they are born, and since we teach so many Ghanaians in Amsterdam, I'd like to know my Ghanaian name :)
So, last week on P-day we went to a pirate ship with the Elders from Almere and Lelystad. It was fun. It was basically a museum, but with 19-21 year old boys, things are always a good time. Sadly, my batteries died-- so I didn't get a lot of pictures of the good times, but Zr. Miller got some and the Elders all did, so I'll have some good pictures in a couple of weeks from Zr. Miller and then the rest I'll get to see in a year or more...
Tuesday we got to meet the new mission president and his wife--President and Sister Brubaker. They are really great. I'm excited to get to work with them. I'm not sure what kind of changes will be coming-- but it will be interesting to see how things are different. I'm not sure if the Pankratz's are here yet--we don't meet with the whole mission basically ever, so they probably are and I just haven't been in a meeting with them yet...
Anyway-- what else has happened this week in Amsterdam? There are just so many people here, it's pretty crazy. We went to the Markt in the Bijlmer a couple of weeks ago on p-day(a street market) and met a guy from India who basically dropped all of his customers to talk to us because he saw the name Jezus Christus on our name tags. We ran into him again and he invited us to come over for dinner this week and wants to give us free clothing from India. I'm not gonna lie, ever since coming to the Netherlands I've wanted clothing from India and an African dress-- so I'm pretty stoked about it :)
Also on Tuesday we went to visit Familie Todorovic (the family from Yugoslavia) and Familie Zorko came with (the family that goes to the ward in Haarlem). It was so funny because we would say one sentence and Brother Zorko would translate-- but he would say about 2 paragraphs--and then tell us that he explained basically the whole lesson. It was a good time. The family is really excited to learn more about the gospel. We taught them again Saturday, but Familie Zorko couldn't come because they are on vacation-- so it was a little rough to break through the language barrier, but hopefully things will continue progressing.
Frank, our baptismal date, is ROCKING! He is making so many friends at church and absolutely loves everything he is learning. Keep praying for him!
Yesterday we had a bit of a miracle. Remember Didi, the woman from Bulgaria? Well, we had an appointment with her-- but she wasn't answering her phone to confirm-- we decided to make the 50 minute bike ride anyway because we felt like we needed to go. We biked out there, but couldn't find her and she still wasn't answering her phone. We were going to just bike back, but felt like we should stay, so we just started knocking doors. A half an hour later we rang a doorbell and a woman walked up behind us--Zr. Miller turned and asked her if she lived where we had rung, I turned around and it was Didi! She had accidentally left her phone at home and had gone to Haarlem for the weekend, she was on her way back to the center where she and her son are staying and saw us (by this time we were on a completely different street). It was absolutely amazing how Heavenly Father placed us in each other's paths. I know that He is guiding this work through things like that...
Saturday we had a bunch of appointments cancel at the last minute, so we decided to do a couple of lookups. One of the lookups was a referral we had received a couple of weeks ago and we had tried going by a number of times, but felt like we should try one last time. We rang the bell and the people were actually home! And they were SUPER excited to see us! Turns out that the couple that answered the door doesn't REALLY live there, but it is the home from her father and he is on vacation. Anyway, turns out that they are less active members and they had actually talked about going to church this week, but us coming by really let them know that they should come! They came to church, and it was great! We have a lesson with them this week. Anyway, just another small thing that shows how much God is involved in our lives, and especially in missionary work. Gotta run.

Veel liefs,
Zuster Fowler