Monday, November 2, 2009

het leven van een zendelinge

From e-mail dated November 2, 2009.
once again we are on super difficult computers. so sorry for lack of capitalization and spelling issues. one day i will get some good email off to you...
anyway, things this week have been good. we had 5 investigators in church yesterday! that's the most i've had in church on my entire mission. it was pretty sweet. i also had to translate into dutch yesterday-- i do a lot of translating into english, but translating into dutch for the whole ward was a bit nerve wracking.
this week we have had a lot to do. we are starting a jovo centrum in amsterdam (that is a young adult outreach center), and we missionaries are in charge of getting it up and running. so that should be an adventure.
we also played in a talent show this weekend. some members from another ward called us and asked us to come to hilversum and play the violin and piano in their talent show. we got permission from president and zr. fritz played come thou fount and i accompanied her, then i played we'll bring the world his truth. it was a good time. one of our investigators (amy, the one from china) came with and it was really good for her. keep her in your prayers--mostly that she will develop a testimony of christ.
this week we also had a really intense first lesson with a man from the ivory coast. he is a refugee and he told us his story of how he fled to the netherlands. he just got here a month ago and has no place to live, no job, and is just trying to get by day to day. i feel so blessed that i've never had such a situation--that i grew up in a place where my family was not torn apart or killed and where i was not afraid for my life.
well, i'll wrap up with a spiritual thought.
it comes from alma 29 verse 10.
i really feel like this is me--so joyful for the way i've been able to see people coming unto christ. and it really reminds me of what christ has done for me personally. i've decided that when i come home i want to talk more with friends and extended famiy about the gospel so that i can constantly help others and reminded of what christ has done for me. i challenge yo talk with someone this week so that you can receive the blessings of being reminded of what christ has done for you personally.

i love you all so much!
tot volgende week
zuster fowler

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  1. Hey Chantelle! I just thought about checking up on you! Hope your mission is going well! As for me, I'm about to have a baby boy! My stomach is so huge and heavy and I'm so ready for him to come out! Nick and I are super excited! Good luck to you!