Monday, September 14, 2009

Well... transfers definitely brought a surprise...

From e-mail dated September 14, 2009.

So, I guess I'll start off with the big news about transfers. Definitely surprising--and overwhelming--and great--and well-- everything-- I have A LOT of mixed feelings. I'm training. Yup. You heard right. Training. So, I don't know who my companion will be quite yet because there are two sisters coming in and President will interview them when they come in and then decide who goes where. So, it will definitely be an adventure. Pray a lot for us both--and if anyone was ever a trainer and has any training tips, they would be appreciated.
So, I'll be staying in Amsterdam with a groentje (greenie) and Zr. Miller is going to Dordrecht to work with Zr. Driggs. I'm excited to see what the faith and ideas of a greenie can bring to Amsterdam. It will be amazing!...
Brussels was definitely an adventure. We had had Zone Conference with Elder Kopishke (the Area President) on Friday in Den Haag, and it was AMAZING!!! His knowledge of the scriptures and ability to listen to and follow the spirit was eye opening for me. I learned so much from his example and received so many answers to prayer and so many ideas about how I can help the people we are teaching and the work in Amsterdam move forward. Then, because Zone Conference ran later than planned, we ended up missing our train to Brussels, so President gave us special permission to ride with the Appeldorn Zone Leaders in their car. That was definitely weird, just being with two Elders in a car-- but we got there safe and it was a good time. So, Saturday Zr. Miller went to Zone Leader Council with Soeur Rideout and Soeur Gagon and I did some work in Brussels. It was fun. I can still understand French, I just can't speak it. We had some amazing experiences talking with people who were so open to hearing about the gospel, and I got some great new ideas from the way that the French sisters do things.
Saturday night we got back in time to make it to a baptism in Amsterdam of one of the Elders' investigators named Roland. The spirit there was AMAZING! That's the strongest I've felt the spirit in a while. He has TOTALLY changed his life around--he used to be on drugs and all sorts of other things, but he learned about the gospel and left it all behind. The atonement works miracles! He told me on Sunday that the feeling he had as he came up out of the water was the best feeling he's ever had in his life and he is so happy that he left everything else behind him.
Marijke is doing well--still on the track to baptism. She is officially stopped with smoking for a week and doing so well! She received a blessing to help her, and the spirit was awesome! I love the power of the priesthood. Every time I am able to see someone's life affected by the priesthood, a feeling overcomes me and I can't deny that the church is true. I love it!...
I've got to get running before the computer shuts off on me--but know that I love you all so much! You are constantly in my prayers. I'm definitely looking forward to spending eternity as a family. I know the gospel is true--I know it with all my heart.

Veel liefs,
Zuster Fowler

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