Monday, August 31, 2009


From e-mail dated 31 August, 2009.

Wow. It sounds like a lot is going on in the Fowler family. I hope that everything goes well...
Congratulations to Matt for getting into show choir. Break a leg with auditions for the play! Let me know how it goes. Some of you kids are bums who still haven't written me--I now have less than a year, so you'd better get a move on it. In fact--I've pretty much stopped getting letters all together. Part of me is okay with it because then I don't stress about being so behind on writing letters on p-day when there is so much else to do-- but a part of me really wants letters :) (that's the selfish part of me--sometimes a letter just makes a huge difference after a long day).
I will probably get the package at Zone Conference next week--it is on September 11 with Elder Kopishke--the area president (He is doing a mission tour next week). As for a birthday package-- I don't really know-- some pictures of the family? That would be good. A letter from everyone would also be nice...
So, what happened on this rough day? Melvin broke up with us. We went to our appointment and his begeleidster was there (kind of like a social worker-- in a way--) and she told us that he doesn't want to meet with us anymore. He was there-- but she was the one that did most of the talking. She told us that it was too stressful on him and that he doesn't want any more contact with the church. It was really sad. I think he's really confused and she's really concerned for him because he has been making so many changes in his life, and she voiced her concern, and then he began to doubt and then decided that this wasn't for him. It really surprised us so much because he had made so many changes in his life and there was a new light that had entered his eyes and he had found happiness that he had never had before-- and now it's just all gone-- really sad. He did say he wanted to keep the Book of Mormon though because he had received answers to his prayers through it. I don't really understand what the deal is-- but we're still praying for him. If ya'll could pray really hard for him this week, it would be appreciated.
However, things with Marijke are going really well. She is loving everything she is learning and things are super.
I also got to go back to Haarlem on exchanges. I worked with Zr. Robbins. It was WONDERFUL! I felt like I was at home again. I miss Haarlem a lot. We had an appointment with Azelea, which was AMAZING! I got to meet her mother, who was here to visit from Ethiopia. She couldn't stop talking about how grateful she was that Zr. Baxter and I had taught her during a really rough time in her life. I love Azelea and Belina so much! I also got to see a number of other people that I dearly love in Haarlem. I really hope that I'll get to finish off my mission there-- not likely-- but the Lord is the planner, right?
Okay, so a miracle--while I was in Haarlem, we were going finding. Zr. Robbins and I felt good about the Louis Pasteur straat, and when we got there, I felt like we needed to go to a specific building. The first bell-up we rang was a woman who, after I introduced us, said, "My darlings! I've been meaning to call you! I've been reading the book and I want to talk!" She didn't have any time to talk then because she was running off to work, but we got her phone number and they are going to set up an appointment. It was amazing. We have absolutely no idea who she is-- but apparently she received a Book of Mormon from sisters a while ago and likes it :)
Now, for the funniness of the week-- Zr. Miller and I were getting hair cuts. We were planning to get different hair cuts so that we would look different. I was going to go pretty short, and she was just going to get a trim-- well-- at the end of getting my hair cut, the girl said, "Wait a minute! Why is your hair still long?!" She had messed up-- and now we both have exactly the same hair cut. Now we look even more like twins than before. It's pretty funny. I'll have to send a picture.
Anyway, I've got to get going. But I love you all. I've been studying the life of Jesus Christ lately, and my testimony has grown immensely. I know that He is our Savior. I know He loves us. He knows what we go through and He will be there to comfort us. One of my favorite scriptures ever is John 14:18.

Okay, gotta go!
Love you!

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