Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Het komt wel goed‏

From e-mail dated November 24, 2009

It sounds like you've been having an adventure with the play. Break a leg! And enjoy Thanksgiving break. We are going to have Thanksgiving dinner with an American member on Thursday, so that should be fun. We are in charge of the pumpkin pie-- but they don't really do that kind of thing in the Netherlands. Through a random miracle of events, the Elders have a random can of pumpkin at their apartment, but we couldn't find any evaporated milk, so we are going to make a pumpkin roll instead. Nau, ja, wat kan ye eraan doen?
This week I went to Den Haag on exchanges for a few days. It was an adventure. I worked with Zr. Robbins. She was also trained by Zr. Baxter, so we have a lot of the same ideas about how missionary work should be done... It was amazing. The work in Den Haag is quite a bit slower than in Amsterdam--ik bedoel, they just don't have as many appointments and such--but the ward is a lot more into missionary work, and the ward members really take in the investigators. In Den Haag they have had over 25 baptisms this year. Yeah.
Oh, I did get the package that you sent. Thanks. It's been so great to read in the Ensign. I LOVE it!
The weather in Amsterdam is pretty crazy. Pretty much rain. We have been SOAKED! Yesterday we got to our last appointment of the evening with Kim and her family and they pulled out their hair dryers so that we could dry our clothes.
So, I have some sad news. While I was in Den Haag, the Sisters here had a lesson with Amy. Her parents have decided that she needs to come back to China, so they have stopped providing her with money. She is trying to find a job, but it's really hard at this moment--and she doesn't speak Dutch-- so it's even more difficult. If she doesn't find a job in 2 weeks, she'll be going back to China. Please pray for her.
Well, today we are going to something called Noah's ark with some members, and we are running late, so sorry my email may be a little short today, but I've gotta go. I love you so much!
After you are done with the play, make sure to make some time for the temple--I'm assuming you haven't been since the play has been taking so much of your time. 'We get to go to the temple next week and I'm SO excited! I miss it like crazy. Well, gotta run.

Zr. Fowler

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