Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Het is hier ook een beetje friss‏

From e-mail dated October 5, 2009.

So, it's also cold here. I've already pulled out my winter coat, because you're always a little colder with the wind blowing against you as you ride your bike. The rain has started again-- so we're having a good time. I guess the good thing is when it's super cold, you have even more drive to get more appointments so that you can be inside...
Now, for the things happening here. We've had some really interesting experiences this week. I just keep feeling like the work in Amsterdam is going to take off like CRAZY! I'm looking forward to seeing it explode. We're probably taking on another area of Amsterdam because the Elders feel like we could help the investigators there better (we've already taken over a couple of investigators there), so that should keep us on our toes. One of the investigators who we've taken over is from a part member family. She's the sister of my friend Joyce who is currently in Utah on vacation (I wrote a little note warning you that she might contact you on one letter somewhere-- I hope you got that--). Her name is Kim and she's AWESOME! She came to one of the conference sessions and we had just talked to her about receiving answers and finding out if the Book of Mormon is true--then a large portion of the talks in conference was about recognizing the Holy Ghost! She looked at me and was like, "How did they know?!" It was so cool.
By the way, I LOVED conference! It was amazing! I hope you enjoyed it as well. We had quite a few investigators come, which was great. I loved how a big focus was God's love--especially from President Uchtdorf and President Eyring. Really, everything we do should be because we love God. That is definitely something I'm working on doing--making my motivation in everything the love that I have for my Heavenly Father. I know He loves us so much! Because He loves me, I want to be better. I love Him. Now, I need to be better at aligning my actions with that--like the scripture says, If you love me, keep my commandments."
Something cool that happened this week is that we got to work with Zr. Brubaker. We had interviews on Thursday with President and after interviews, Zr. Brubaker came to our appointments with us. It was really neat to see how the spirit worked through her to share her feelings with the investigators, even though she didn't really understand the language. It was a definite testimony builder of the importance of the spirit in teaching.
We've also been trying to implement new and creative approaches in finding. One that was really funny that actually turned out well was talking with a woman about her shoes. "Hey, nice shoes. Where did you get them? By the way, want to hear about the gospel?" Okay, so it wasn't quite like that-- but almost :)
Well, I've gotta get running. But, I love you! I know the gospel is true. Can you believe that it was a year ago that I turned in my mission papers? Crazy. Time flies when-- you're so busy that you can't keep your head on straight :) Just kidding-- sort of--

I love you!
Zuster Fowler

P.S. the pictures are me and Zr. Fritz eating an appel oliebol and then of us with Zr. Brubaker.

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