Monday, October 19, 2009

vandaag ben ik jaarig--23

From e-mail dated October 19, 2009.

thanks for the birthday wishes. i'm on a super annoying computer today-so no capitalization, and i apologize for my spelling-- sometimes the buttons are a little difficult to push.
elder schmutz actually told me that you and his dad have been talking. we've actually never met but just talked over the phone to take care of things the office needs.
i hope matt is feeling better. that's crazy that it's hit so bad. a lot of people here are sick too-- i'm hoping we don't catch anything. tell pig boy belated happy birthday.
things with zr. friz are great. she's definitely stressed-- but i don't feel like she's too much more stressed than when i was a greenie. we have fun together and are hoping that we both stay another transfer.
this week was a little rough-- we had a lot of hold backs-- including my key breaking off in my bike lock and a lot of appointments not going through-- it led to a lot of achtering op-- and since zr. fritz's bike doesn't have very good tires, she had to carry our huge bike pump on the back of the bike with her. good times.
we had some really cool experiences too. including going to haarlem again for exchanges. i was in haarlem with zr. hamblin. we had a good time and i got to see some of the people i used to teach--we looked up a couple who had dropped off the face of the earth, and they are now investigating again--and then i got to see lie and milene.
we're also teaching kim zwaan--and she is amazing! i think i wrote a bit about her in my last email. basically she's one of the most amazing investigators i've ever had. pray for her! she even talks to people about the church and brought a friend with her to church yesterday. i really hope i don't get transferred-- and that zr. fritz doesn't either--
thanks for taking care of my checking account and alles. yeah, i made purchases last week--all of my christmas shopping is done-- now i just have to send it off to ya'll. could you put another 100 or so in my account? thanks...
i can't believe i'm 23 today-- so old! and also this is halfway through my mission if i only stay 11 transfers-- whoa buddy-- what have i done with my life?
i love you a lot. thanks for everything. i've gotta get running so that we can make it to zr. fritz's legality appointment on time.

veel liefs,
zr. fowler

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