Sunday, October 4, 2009

Awaited letter arrives.

From letter dated September 28, 2009.

Note- Here's the letter to replace the lost e-mail referred to in the posting dated September 28, 2009. - GRF

Dear Mom & Dad,
I'm so sorry about my email not going through. I had it all ready & went to attach pictures & accidentally closed it. Yeah dumb, I know. It made me really upset because I'd spent so much time & my emotions were in there & with one false click, everything was gone. I'm sorry. I know how much you look forward to getting my emails. But-- oh well-- what can you do?
So, Marijke's baptism was AMAZING! The spirit was super strong. A new member named Jeffrey was the one who got to baptize her, and it was really neat for him. The she was confirmed in sacrament meeting on Sunday. She told me that she feels like a child-- she is excited, ready to learn and grow, and she feels absolutely clean. She's amazing! I love how the Savior has healed her, her life really changed-- especially her perspective on life & she's just so happy now. It's been so amazing to see. She's actually coming on joint teach with us this week-- so that'll be really good!
We also set another baptismal date this week. Her name is Ani. She is 14 & comes from Bulgaria. Her brother was baptized a couple of years ago & is now inactive-- so we've been trying to help him come back to church. In the process, she's decided that the church is true and she wants to be baptized on October 31. Her mom also wants to be baptized... So pray for Vili and Ani!
As for the rest of our investigators, things are going really well. We've got a couple thinking about baptism and we've found some really positive people this week. One, named Francoise came to church yesterday & LOVED it! We're praying she'll also get baptized.
Training is good. The hard part is being responsible for EVERYTHING because Zr. Fritz is so overwhelmed right now. It's also hard to see how hard she is on herself. I remember how it is to be in her shoes-- less than 6 months ago I was there-- and it's hard to be in a completely new land, not knowing what's going on-- feeling like you follow your trainer around like a puppy dog-- and missing home like crazy. I just hope I'm able to help her the way the Lord wants me to help her. She's so great & I love her so much! I've learned so much in the week and a half we've been companions. She's AMAZING!!!
I hope that things at home are going well. How's the play? How's Chris doing in Florida?
I want to tell you how much I love you. Thanks for all that you've done for me & all that you continue to do. It's weird that I've been gone so long. Missionary life is normal for me now-- as a greenie I never thought this would be normal-- I knew I would love it, but normal is a different story. I already start getting anxious when I think about going back to non-mission life-- so I think about it as little as possible-- and I still have 10 months left-- man I'm really going to be a basket case when I no longer wear a name tag!
Well I'm gonna run.
I love you! I know the gospel is true. I've really seen it touch and change people's lives. It's hard to talk with people daily who laugh at you and challenge your beliefs-- but it's strengthened my testimony. I know there is a God. I know it with all my heart. I've spent a lot of time praying & thinking about the things people challenge us with-- and every time my answers come back stronger and stronger from the Holy Ghost. I know it's true.
I love you!

Veel Liefs,
Zuster Chantelle Fowler


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