Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A really great week in Den Haag

From e-mail dated March 29, 2010.

...It's been a really great week here in Den Haag. We have found more new investigators in this one week than I think we've found in the last 3 or 4 weeks combined. We really committed ourselves to focusing on finding new investigators and making time for them through letting eternal investigators go, and the Lord has blessed us abundantly. We have found them in consecrated hours, between appointments, while standing by our bikes after looking up a referral, and basically everywhere. It has been a really great week. One of the new investigators we have found was on Saturday. We rang her bell and she came over the speaker and said that we had come by last week--we said we hadn't, and she asked of we are JW's and when we said no, we're from another church, she let us in. Her name is Abies and she is from Nigeria. She stopped going to her church about a year ago because her Pastor tried to break her family up. We talked about how God's plan is for families to be together forever and we watched a 6 minute movie called Finding Happiness (I LOVE that movie! I've really become a church movie nerd!). When the movie was over she said, "I felt the spirit so strongly. Where is the church? I can't go tomorrow, but the Lord has told me that even if this church is 2 hours away, I need to go." Tjonge jongen! The spirit was so thick you could cut it with a knife! It was AMAZING! We have an appointment with her on Wednesday and we are going to commit her to baptism. Please pray for her and her family (her husband is in Nigeria right now-- so we haven't met him yet, but he is coming back within the next couple of weeks).
Oh, so I have a funny story that shows basically how awkward I'm going to be when I come home. We were at district meeting on Tuesday and we were doing some practices. The District Leader took a few of us out in the hall so that he could give us some characters to be. We did the first practice, and then it was time for the others to get characters, so everyone else went out in the hall--but Elder Hanson (the district leader) had to go with them to give them their characters--and the last person to leave the room shut the door behind them--so it was just me and Elder Howell. We looked a little panicked at each other and said, "Whoa, this is awkward!" and then we went and opened the door and told one of them to come back in. Oh, the joys of being a missionary. I don't know what I'm going to do--I'll basically never get married because I'll just be awkward the rest of my life.
We went on Wednesday to Brussels again to take care of getting a new passport for Zr. Reber. It was an adventure. The US embassy has so many guards! And you walk past the rest of the embassies and they have basically no security. It's pretty crazy. While there a couple asked us to witness as they signed some papers to buy an apartment in New York, so we got to talk with them about the gospel--and that was super cool. That night we had one of the worst appointments of my mission--the spirit just wasn't there because the man just wasn't open. He was criticizing us and telling us that we weren't qualified to teach the gospel. Our Joint Teach, Zr. Mule, stopped him and told him how grateful she was for the missionaries and she bore super powerful testimony--when she was done, his whole attitude changed. It was amazing! I love the members!

AAH! I've gotta run or I'll lose this.
I love you!
Zr. Fowler

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