Monday, March 1, 2010

Another AMAZING week

From e-mail dated March 1, 2010

Hi! So, as you can see--we now have a new email system, and thus a new email address. If you send things to the old address, I should still get them. Speaking of changes-- transfers are this week-- and-- I'm-- staying in Den Haag--and I'm training again. Zr. Robbins is being transferred to Dordrecht. Zr. Fritz is also being transferred away from Amsterdam and going to Rotterdam.
So, this has been another AMAZING week! I would venture to say that it is the BEST week of my mission so far! Things just keep getting better and better. I LOVE the life of a missionary.
Yes, I did get the Valentine's package--I got it just last Friday at Zone Conference. It was SUPER sweet. Thanks so much! It was nice to see that mom put so much thought and effort into it to ask people even just to take 2 seconds to sign a card. Thanks so much mom. I hadn't heard about the storm and such at all! We did have pretty much constant rain and a lot of wind this weekend-- but I just thought it was normal Netherlands weather. We got soaked a lot and there were times when we would be riding our bikes and it took SO much energy and we would barely go a few meters in a minute--I almost felt like we were standing still! It was pretty crazy--but it's also not super out of the ordinary for the Netherlands.
So, I should tell you about this week. First off-- KIM GOT BAPTIZED!!! And guess who got to go? Yup! I actually got to go! Then on Sunday, as the sacrament prayers were being said, I got a super strong impression that we needed to send a couple of our investigators to her baptism because I knew what it was going to be like, and they were going to need that kind of an experience. Well, we invited EVERY investigator that we have, and 3 of them ended up going. One of them is a brand new investigator from England named Jordana. She is AMAZING!!! She is so sincere and really wants to know what God's plan for her is. We met her 3 weeks or so ago opstraat in a big shopping area, and she was in a rush, but we told her about the Center for Young Adults here and exchanged information. We called her about a week later to come to an activity, but she couldn't come--but she said, I'm going to write it in my planner now to come to the center on Thursday next week. Well, that was the day I was on exchanges-- but she did come! Then on Sunday she was going to come to Relief Society, but ended up having to work earlier than she thought-- so after church, we called her up and invited her to dinner with a member. She came! And she loved it! And she said she wants to learn about the church! She came with us on Wednesday to another dinner appointment and we taught her about the Restoration. She is already reading in the Book of Mormon and praying about it! We then invited her to come to Kim's baptism on Saturday. She said she definitely wanted to go! So, since she didn't really know anyone who would be going, we decided to call President and ask if we could go with her--and what do you know? He said yes! So, I was able to attend Kim's baptism (an answer to her prayers) and Jordana loved the experience. She feels the spirit. She knows this is something good and full of love. I'm super excited to see her progress!
We also set a baptismal date yesterday! His name is Marvel and he is 9 years old. His mom is a member, but they are from Africa and when they moved here they didn't know how to find the church. They've been coming to church for a long time now and he really wants to be baptized. He was so sick at church yesterday, but he wanted to be there so badly and wanted to be sure to have our lesson after church. When we set a baptismal date, he turned to his mom and said, "Mom! I'm finally getting baptized!!!" He is so excited. We just had a meeting with the Primary presidency this morning, and they are going to try to get all of the kids from the primary at his baptism. He is getting baptized on March 21!
Friday we had Zone Conference in A'dam. I love A'dam with all my heart! But Zone Conference was AMAZING!!! We talked about being guided by the spirit, planning with passion, and being BOLD and talking about baptism early and often. I'm so excited to strive to work on these things even more this transfer and see the miracles that come from it...
Something else really cool--we decided to try a new form of finding this week-- concert finding :) Zr. Robbins is a violin performance major, and since I play piano, we put together a concert this week and performed at a member's house for all of her friends. The member is from China, so most of the people who came were also from China and had little or no Christian background. We were able to introduce them to the gospel--especially who Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are and their love for us--through music. It was such a neat experience! We hope to be hearing from some of them/seeing some of them soon-- I especially wish I'd just committed a certain woman to meet with us-- but I didn't-- so I will talk with the member to see if we can set up a dinner appointment where she comes as well.
I love this work SO MUCH!!! And I love you! This gospel is a gospel of love and of miracles.
Pray for Jordana, my new companion, Marvel, and Brother Daho. And I'll keep praying for you all. I love you!!!

Zuster Fowler

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