Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter, General Conference, etc.

From e-mail dated April 6, 2010.

Okay, I guess I'll start off answering your questions.
First: I know Kim wants to come to Utah for when I come home and I'm not sure, but if I understand correctly, she may have already asked for time off of work--so the sooner she can know the better. I don't know if she is planning on spending most of her time with her extended family and such, but I'm assuming she will probably also want to spend some time with us... I actually will get to see her on Saturday (she's coming out here to go on joint teach with us to Jordana), so I can ask her what her plans are and such.
As for vacation--I'm good with whatever. I've actually never been to Yellowstone, so that would be fun. Mom also mentioned maybe Florida, and it would also be great to see grandma and Aunt Teresa. I don't really care so much about Disney World or whatever if we go to Florida. Anyway, I don't really have a huge opinion about what we do...
I still haven't gotten the package, but I'm guessing I'll receive that at Zone Conference on Friday. We are going to the temple again for Zone Conference. I'm so excited! I love the temple so much! I've been studying about the temple in my personal study--it's super!
Oh, there's a young woman that is a couple of years younger than Renee here, and her mom is really worried about her and her gaining a strong testimony. I felt like it might be good if Renee writes her and tells her about her experiences and testimony--focusing on how the gospel has blessed her life. If Renee wants, she can either send a letter to me, or she can send the girl (Kim) an e-mail...
So, I've now been in the Netherlands for over a year. Crazy huh? I think so. The weather is a lot like it was when I first came here--and it is beautiful (although still a little cold). I can't believe how quickly time has flown and continues to fly! It's been quite the week in Den Haag. For some reason or another, people are cancelling appointments like crazy this week. We're doing our best to make backup plans and to constantly be finding. I've been doing a lot of thinking these last couple of days, and feel like I received a lot of personal revelation through General Conference as well as through my prayers this morning about things I personally need to do to help the work in Den Haag move forward with greater speed.
Speaking of General Conference, it was AMAZING!!! We had 6 investigators come to General Conference. I LOVED the talks and feel like the Lord has a lot of things He wants to tell us right now. I really feel the importance of parents and am really grateful for you and hope that I can also be a good parent someday.
We had exchanges this week, and Zr. Vels came to work with me in Den Haag while Zr. Reber went to Amsterdam. Zr. Vels is from the Netherlands, so it was cool to get to see how she works with her own people to help them receive the gospel. I definitely learned a lot from her and hope that I can apply it to increase my own capabilities to do missionary work.
Yesterday we had a really neat experience. We were on our way to meet a member to go do something with them for P-day when a man yelled to us from the side of the street saying, "Red me van dit hel!" ("Save me from this hell!") We turned back and talked with him. As we talked with him, he shared with us how he is homeless and has become a drunkard. He told us how he doesn't want to be living this life and how his family has deserted him. We cried with him and bore testimony of how Christ can help him to receive strength and that although we have no way of giving him a home or a job, that we can help him to come unto Christ and change his life through following Christ's teachings. He took a copy of the Book of Mormon, and told us he will be coming to church on Sunday. Just before we parted ways, he said, "I just bought two cans of beer with the little bit of money that I had. I'm going to go throw them away and start now to change my life." I hope that we see him at church on Sunday and that he can feel the atonement of his Savior--because that is truly the only thing that can save any of us.
I'm loving my study of the Book of Mormon! I actually read in 2 Nephi 8 today and verse 7-9 really stuck out to me and I thought about finding—we are not to be afraid of the people we talk to, but rather awake and put on the strength of the Lord—and remember the times we have wounded the dragon (remember the times we have found people who were ready to receive us) and allow that faith and hope to keep us moving forward. I'm so grateful for how Heavenly Father speaks to us through the pages of scriptures. I'm not sure if any of you are also taking the time to read the Book of Mormon again, but if so, I'd love to hear some of the insights you are receiving.

Well, I've got to run! I love you so much! Thanks for the Easter cards, the letters, and the support. I love you!
Zuster Fowler

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