Monday, March 22, 2010

Quite a week.

From e-mail dated March 22, 2010.

Well, it's been quite the week. Tuesday we had to go to Brussels for legality (we'll be going again this week Wednesday because Zr. Reber's passport has some problems, so we have to go to the consulate), Thursday we had interviews, and Sunday was Marvel's baptism.
So, I guess I should start out with the information you've been waiting for from interviews-- President and I talked about when I'll be coming home. I've been doing a lot of praying and thinking about it because I knew he would ask me what my thoughts and feelings were. Whenever I thought about coming home in August I would get super excited, but also stressed out of my mind-- and when I thought about coming home in July I would get sad, but also a really strong peaceful feeling would come. Through my life, I've had many different experiences with how the spirit speaks with me--but one thing that I always know is the spirit is that feeling of peace. The sadness is normal because when you love your mission so much, there's no way you won't be sad when you leave, whether earlier or later. Anyway, the final decision is that I'll be coming home in July. The transfer day is July 7, which means I will probably be reaching Utah on July 9.
I have decided that between now and then, I'm going to read the Book of Mormon again--and my last night--while in the mission home, I'm going to read Moroni 10 and apply Moroni's promise again. I'm excited to be able to do this again. I've done it many times throughout my life, but it never fails that I receive an answer from my Heavenly Father that it is true--He will always answer us! I'd like to invite each of you to take on this challenge with me. I've done the math, and it's 5 pages of the Book of Mormon a day. We can share with each other the things we've been learning as you write letters, and then, the day that I come home, I'd like to have a testimony meeting with the family. Remember this is an invitation--you only have to do it if you want to... but I know that your lives will be blessed as you take this on--as you read the Book of Mormon with real intent, as you talk about it with each other, and as you pray and ask God for yourself if it is true. If friends want to take on the challenge as well, please include yourself in the invitation--I'd love to hear the things you learn and feel as you read. I'd also love to hear your testimonies when I come home--maybe we can get together soon after I come home and share our testimonies with one another.
There are a couple of other things--the day after I come home, I'd really love to be able to go to the temple with mom and dad (and whoever... but mostly mom and dad). I'd love to be able to go to the Provo temple, if possible...
Marvel’s baptism went through this week (even with him being gone on vacation the week before) and it was great! It was a little harried putting it all together, but it went really well and the spirit was really strong. Marvel had invited a number of his friends and their parents, so a lot of people came inside the church for the first time and we had a couple of investigators come who also brought friends. We also had a number of investigators who didn’t come, who had promised to come—and we feel like that has let us know that they aren’t as serious about investigating as they have professed to be. We have prayed a lot and have decided to completely give them back to the Lord. We were really struggling with that last night, but after we had dedicated ourselves to the Lord to say we were going to do this, we received a text message from someone who came to the baptism but had to leave a little early saying that he was really glad he came and he really wants to meet with us to talk about what he felt and to learn more about the church. I know that the Lord will bless us with the people who really are ready for the gospel. We have had such a hard time finding new investigators these last couple of weeks—and this is a big step of faith for us, but I know that the Lord will bless us with new investigators as we completely dedicate ourselves to following Him and His will.
Well, I'm going to run so I can attach a couple of pictures really quick.

I love you!
Zr. Fowler

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