Monday, April 19, 2010

Time keeps rolling on.

From e-mail dated April 19, 2010.

Thanks for getting everything squared away with housing. Brittany apartments sounds good. I've had a couple of friends live there, and it should be good. I'm sure that the Lord will provide fabulous roommates and we will have a wonderful time together...
The missionaries going home DID make it out--well, the two that went home last week. A couple had their parents come pick them up, and they haven't been able to make it out-- it's been quite the adventure for many people--the Bishop's wife and mother in law are in America (they went for conference) and they were supposed to come back Saturday-- but that didn't happen...
Yes, I did get the Easter package. Thanks so much! The CD is great! I also got a package this week from Marci, Jamie, and Suzi. It was good to hear from them!
Well, what are some things that have been happening here?
Ranjeet is doing well. He is learning more and more every day about Jesus Christ and feels that there is more and more happiness in his life. He hasn't made it to church yet—he was visiting family this week, and although we committed him to go to church in Amsterdam, he didn't make it. We are praying he will be there next week. But he is making a lot of really good friendships at the JoVo centrum, which is great. He looks forward to the activities.
We also have a new baptismal date. Her name is Isatu, and the sisters taught her about a year ago. The Zone Leaders ran into her in the street a few weeks ago and have been teaching her and her kids. They just turned her over to us yesterday at church, so we haven't had any lessons with her and her children yet, but will have a couple this week.
One super awesome miracle this week is a member referral. Daan Peschier is leaving on his mission (he was supposed to be gone this week, but because of the volcano, he hasn't left yet). Well, his farewell service was last week Sunday. He invited a lot of his friends, and one of his friends really wanted to come, but couldn't—so his mom and little brother came to the service instead! She felt the spirit at church and invited us to come over and answer her questions. Then the young man (Quincy) came to the JoVo Centrum on Monday and loved it. We went to their house on Tuesday and they had looked at the website and had all sorts of questions. They invited us back to their house for Wednesday and had even more questions. Her husband is not religious at all, so she really wants us to be able to teach him. We talked about how our purpose is to help people join the church through baptism when they come to know it's true and although they've been baptized just a year ago, they said they want to learn more and want to start coming to the church regularly and see where it leads. Quincy also went to Daan's setting apart on Thursday and he met the Bishop and Stake President. There is just a super good feeling about this family, and it all came from the example of one young man in the ward. We pray that it will lead to them receiving the restored gospel. Please pray for them (Familie van den Berg).
On the way back from Brussels on Thursday (another legality trip), I had a wonderful 2 hour conversation with a 28 year old young woman about her beliefs, and although she's not interested in meeting with missionaries right now, she is definitely going to look at the website and we exchanged email addresses for after I go back from the mission, and that contact with the church will stay in force.
We also got to run a primary activity this week. We did a mini MTC, which was super awesome. The kids all got name tags and went to different countries where they learned a little bit of the language, learned about missionary work, and played a game from the country. Some of the kids learned how to tie a tie and others were members of Captain Moroni's army. It was super cute and a lot of fun.
Jordana is having a rough time right now--she just got told that she has to move out of the place she is living by the end of May and she has picked up work and 2 new gyms-- so she has gotten super busy. Please pray for her!
Oh, something else super this week was we got a phone call from the man that flagged us down on the street a couple of weeks ago. He said he thinks about our interaction almost every day and he has received so much strength from it. He said he isn't quite sure he wants to make an appointment yet, but he wanted us to know that the things he felt while we talked with him have affected his life.
I was reading this week in Jacob 5--the allegory of the Olive Tree--and really thought about the time periods that are talked about. The Lord really is gathering his people for the last harvest. And that is what we are all a part of--full time missionaries, members, everyone! We have to work with all our heart to help the harvest be great!

I love you! I hope that all is well!
Zuster Fowler

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