Monday, February 8, 2010

Ik houd van het leven als zendelinge!

From e-mail dated February 8, 2010.

This week has been a week of miracles!!!
First, it sounds like things have been fun at home. I hope Renee's hair is all right--I've gotten two letters from her recently--she's a super funny girl...
Well, so, now I'll share some of those miracles :)
We had an AWESOME miracle this week! We went to an appointment that is about 30 minutes away by tram, and after our appointment, we found that our next appointment had cancelled. So, we decided since we were in this 'far away area' that we would look up some former investigators. We went to the tram halte to go a couple of stops further, and without thinking, accidentally went to the wrong side of the halte. We walked up to the waiting area and said hello to a young woman. She said hello back and then asked us if we were from a church. She said that she has been having a lot of problems lately and wanted our advice. We talked with her about the problems going on and were able to testify to her of her worth as a daughter of God and teach her about prayer and how she can get guidance from Him through prayer. She is from Hindu background, so she didn't know a whole lot about Christ--but as we sat and talked with her, the spirit testified to her of the truth of the things we said. She set up an appointment to meet with us this week, and she is really excited to read a couple of the things we gave her about her worth as a child of God. After we talked, we realized we were on the wrong side of the tracks, but by then it was time to head back to the city anyway, so we got on a tram with her and headed toward the city. It was a wonderful experience. It also made me really grateful for our family. I become more and more grateful for the family almost every day on the mission. I hear stories from companions, people on the street, investigators--everyone--about their families, and I just realize how absolutely blessed I am. I have wonderful parents and great siblings (even though they may sometimes be annoying). Thanks for everything that you do. Please pray for this young woman--her name is Arti.
We also had a really neat lesson with some investigators this week. Doralin is from Romania and Alina is from Poland. They are taught by the Elders, but they've invited us over to dinner a few times. They are fabulous people. We had a wonderful discussion about marriage in the world today and how God sees marriage--and that through the restored authority, we can be sealed for time and all eternity--that it's not just a piece of paper (like the world says), but a covenant that we make with God and our spouse so that we can help each other reach our greatest potential. They were really touched by it... I love the counsel of the prophets on marriage. Please pray for Doralin and Alina.
We saw another wonderful miracle this week. Wednesday night when we went to our dinner appointment, the member told us that she had invited a friend who was interested in learning more about the church. Sheba doesn't have a Christian background and she is a refugee from Iran with a really rough past--we were able to teach her about Christ and why He is so important for us. We were also able to teach her about eternal families (her brother was murdered when she was young) and God's plan. We've now had 2 appointments with her and we are excited to be able to teach her about Christ and help her come to know Him. She is super open and really excited to be learning more. It is AMAZING! Keep her in your prayers. It's always difficult to teach someone without a Christian background--but it's also one of the most AMAZING experiences. The spirit is super strong at all of her lessons.
This weekend we also got the chance to have a mini-missionary. A girl named Maaike from Apeldoorn came and worked with us for the weekend. It as so neat to see her learn about missionary work and get excited about the miracles. It was a lot of fun. We had some neat finding experiences with her and with our investigators.
One of the experiences we had was with an investigator named Patricia, from England. She investigated a year ago and just before I came here, Zr. Robbins and Zr. Bennett looked her up. She was a member of another church and she believes that the things we teach are true, but feels like she doesn't need to be baptized again because she knows that God lead her to her other church. This week we have made a lot of break throughs and talked about how God can lead us to good things to prepare us for the full truth. She has made a lot of progress this week--she finally admitted to us that she's scared to pray about baptism because then she has to take action--either be baptized or stop investigating and she doesn't want to feel like her other baptism was wrong. We talked a lot about it--please pray that she will have the courage to pray about baptism and that she will get an answer.
Yesterday we did some finding in the park where we drew the first vision with sidewalk chalk and talked with people about it. I'll see if I've got time to send some pictures.
This week really has been so great!
I've gotta run.

I love you! I hope that all is going well. Time is just flying by-- Have a wonderful week!

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