Saturday, April 25, 2009

Letter finally received.

From letter dated 31 March, 2009
Note: We finally received this letter that Chantelle sent us from Brussels after her first day in the mission field. She referred to this letter in the blog entry dated April 6, 2009 - GRF.

Hoi mijn Familie!
Well, I made it through all of the traveling & it is now time for bed my first night in Belgium. Today we received some training, and -- well -- Let me start at the beginning. :)
The travel to Belgium was LONG, but good. No problems getting here (well -- one of my luggage pieces broke -- but no biggie - I'll get it fixed). We talked to a few people in the airport & on the plane - good times. Then, going through customs was a good time - the customs officer saw my name tag & started speaking to me in Dutch. Oh, boy! Luckily (or thankfully, I should say), I understood most of it.
When we got out of the airport, President Woodland & the Assistants, as well as a Senior couple were there to greet us. We then went to the mission office for training. A lot of miracles are happening in the mission right now - it's basically on FIRE! Right now there are 50 baptisms set for April 19th - 50 for one day! The Lord is moving the work forward.
After training, the legality paperwork, and interviews, we came and had lunch in the mission office and took an nap - which was much needed - although it was a long plane ride, not many of us got much sleep.
Then we all went on a walk through a beautiful park in Brussels, then went to one of the main tourist squares & contacted. All of the people we spoke with spoke French - but I was paired up with the two French sisters - so they talked (because I can't remember my French so well now -- all that ever comes to mind is Dutch) -- but they couldn't understand what the people said in response -- however I could! It seems that although my French speaking abilities have drastically decreased, my French comprehension has increased! So I helped the sisters know what was being said & how to respond. It was a good time. The spirit was AMAZING!
Then we came back to the mission home and received our "calls".
Are you ready for this?
I'm serving in the city of -- Haarlem! And my trainer is -- Sister Christa Baxter! She is good friends with a lot of my friends & I've met her a couple of times. In fact, my friend Nate White said that if we were ever companions he'd send us a huge package - well, Nate my boy, you'd better get sendin'. :)
I've gotta go, it's almost 10:30...

Gotta run!
Met liefde!
Zuster Chantelle Fowler

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