Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Safe arrival in Belgium

From e-mail received from Chantelle's mission president.

March 31, 2009

Dear Brother and Sister Fowler,

Sister Fowler has arrived safely! She looks excited and enthusiastic about her mission. We are delighted to have her with us. Her first assignment will be in the city of Haarlem...

We are continually impressed by the eagerness and strong testimonies of the new missionaries arriving in the mission field. We are happy for her addition to our missionary corps and assure you that we will do everything possible to make this a rewarding, cherished, and spiritual experience.

As you know, missionary work can be quite demanding. To help maintain a positive attitude for your missionary, communication from family and friends is especially important and should be supportive. May we make the following suggestions: write each week; make your letters optimistic and encouraging; avoid references to problems at home unless absolutely necessary; show genuine interest in your missionary’s daily activities and especially in her accomplishments.

Sister Woodland and I wish to thank you for this ambassador of the Lord. We know that you will be blessed during the service of Sister Fowler. We have frequent opportunity to review each missionary’s situation and needs. We hold zone conferences one month and personal interviews the next month. We do our best to love, encourage, sustain all of our missionaries, and to take personal interest in each one of them. They keep me informed as to their specific circumstances through a weekly letter. If you know of anything that would help me in assisting your missionary, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Know that your missionary is in the hands of the Lord and under His protection (Matthew 28:19).

We are most appreciative of your constant support for your missionary.

Sincerely yours,

Paul R. Woodland

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