Monday, May 3, 2010

Finding and teaching.

From e-mail dated May 3, 2010.

...The weather these last couple of days has been so cold! Earlier this week it was super warm and I was LOVING it! But it has been pretty much constantly raining since Friday. It makes for some very soggy missionaries (especially when your appointments cancel at the last minute--) but it's a good time.
Friday was Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) which is a big national holiday. So, what do they decide to do on their day off? Everyone sets up tables out on the streets and tries to sell their junk to the passerby's so they can buy someone else's junk. It's the only day of the year that people are allowed to have a yardsale. It's crazy. And everyone is drunk-- so we basically avoid the center of the city and try to be in appointments most of the day. Thursday night we had an appointment in Koningstraat (King Street) and didn't realize that the festivities started the night before there-- so we were in the midst of it-- but came away without any problems.
We expected a good number of our investigators to set baptismal dates this week-- and they are feeling good about baptism, but just don't feel ready to set a date (and we gave one of our baptismal dates to the Elders because we felt like they would be a better match for him). But it has been a good week. We've worked hard and seen some wonderful things happen.
We had a really cool experience with prayer this week as well. We were in a consecrated hour and we had picked out a park the night before. We went to the park and even though it was a BEAUTIFUL day, nobody was there! We were walking around and couldn't find anyone, so we decided to pray. We prayed that God would place the people in our path with whom He wanted us to speak. Well, as soon as we were done with our prayer, a woman rode past on her bike and turned around and stopped to ask if we were lost and needed directions. We ended up being able to talk to her about the gospel. She knew members of the church a long time ago, but the members had moved back to Germany. She wasn't super interested in the church, but it was amazing how Heavenly Father placed someone there right after we had prayed. We then turned around to see a young many playing with his dog—we went and had a great talk with him about the Restoration that lasted the rest of the hour. He took a card and was going to talk with his girlfriend to see if we could come share more, but when we called he said they weren't interested. But the point of the story is that our Heavenly Father answered our prayer. And even though neither of the people ended up becoming new investigators, I know that we were there to talk with them for a reason. It was a neat experience.
I got to see Kim and Joyce on Monday when we went to Keukenhof--so that was super cool! I'll try to add some pictures.
Things are going well with Zr. Reber. She's getting a better hand on the language... Yesterday we went finding in a park in the rain and a couple of members came with us so we split up. I think that was really good for her to be forced to take the lead in a way. They met a man in the park who said he knew God loved him because just a few minutes before he had been praying that God would help him and then he met them... I'm really grateful for the role I feel that Heavenly Father plays in my life. I know He is there and as long as I am doing my best and constantly trying to listen for if the spirit tells me something that I will be guided to help those who need me.
Things with our investigators are going well. We have asked the Elders to start teaching Ranjeet--we think he'll be able to relate with them better.
Isatu is doing well. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ this week, and it was great! Her biggest desire is to follow Christ. She said that she wants to do everything she can to return to live with her Heavenly Father. She is a wonderful woman with a strong spirit. She's still talking with her uncle to see if they will get baptized on the 22 or on another date, but they will definitely be getting baptized soon.
Brigitte is great! She also has such a desire to follow Christ. I love it! We taught her the plan of Salvation this week and she said, "I love it! I'm so happy. I know this is God's plan." She would get baptized next week if she could, but she can only meet once a week... so it is going to take a little while to be able to get her completely prepared.
Yvonne and Quincy are doing well. Quincy is going to a camp with the Young Adults here this week. It should be an amazing experience for him. Hopefully they receive a confirmation soon that this is the right thing. Please pray for them, and for Kiko (the younger brother) and Ronald (the Father who doesn't believe in God at all). It would be so wonderful to see them as a family in the temple!
Well, I'm going to go so that I can get some photos on here. I'll talk to you Sunday. Love you lots!
Zuster Fowler

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