Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another out-of-sequence letter

From letter dated April 20, 2009
Note: Here are some excerpts from a letter that we just received that Chantelle wrote a couple of weeks ago. Since it takes so long for letters to arrive from Europe via the postal service, it is understandably posted out-of-sequence. Chantelle refers to this letter in the blog entry dated April 23, 2009 - GRF.

...Things here are going well. Serving a mission is AMAZING! It's so great to get to share something that has made my life so great & then to see how it affects the lives of others - to see their lives change - and all through the power of Christ. Wow!
One really neat experience was just last night. One of the women we've been teaching has been really sick & she's having a lot of other troubles right now as well. She's from Ethiopia, and she married a man from Greece. They have a beautiful 6 yr. old daughter. They came to the Netherlands, but her husband lost his job, so he went back to Greece & is looking for a job while she's here working to take care of their daughter. It's really rough. We stopped by last night to see how she was doing & she wasn't doing so great. We had the impression to talk to her about the priesthood & offered to call some of the JoVos (Young Adults) in the ward to come give her a blessing. She said she would really like that, so some of them came over - Sjaak & Jon - and gave her a blessing of healing & comfort. It was amazing. The spirit was super strong & the thing that was told to her over & over is that Heavenly Father is aware of her and loves her. That's exactly what she needed to hear. The power of the priesthood is AMAZING! ...It truly is the power to act in the name of God - which is something so mighty and yet so precious.
...I also didn't have time to write about a funny story. We were going langs de deuren, and were on a street with a lot of bell ups (so you ring & speak through an intercom or they buzz the door so you can come in). One of the rings let us in, so we climbed 6 flights of stairs & found ourselves talking to a Jehovah's Getuigen (Jehovah's Witness). We talked a bit about families & gave her a pamphlet. She said she'd read it, but didn't really want to talk to us about it (although she was really nice). We gave her the pamphlet & went down the 6 flights of stairs to ring another apartment. We were talking through the intercom when the door opened & she walked out & said - "since I took your pamphlet, will you take one of mine?" She stuffed a couple of pamphlets in our hands and said goodbye. It was quite funny - I've now officially had a pamphlet exchange with a JW. Well, I don't have a lot of time, so I'm going to jet.

I love you all!
Zuster Chantelle Fowler

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