Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MTC: Week 3

From letter dated 18 Feburary, 2009.

Deze week heeft geweldig gaat! Dank u wel voor uw Valentines Package (oops! I don't know that in Dutch!)
This week has been intense and awesome! The package was great! My Elders, companions, and roommates appreciated it! I also got a package from Suzette, Toni, Kori, & Joey. It basically rocked my socks! (or my nylons - as the case now is). We got some good pictures that I'll have to send next week...
So things at the MTC are good... We have an average of 8 hours of class a day, personal study, companion study, and language study get an average of an hour a day & then we have breakfast, lunch, dinner and gym. I've been playing a lot of volleyball in gym & it's been a lot of fun. The Elders crack me up sometimes. I've got some good bruises from volleyball - gotta love battle wounds... My P-days (voorbereidingsdagen) have been super busy b/c Zuster Stapleton had a lot of eye doctor appointments and such. Today Søster Younkin & I have had a relaxing P-day w/ no appointments anywhere. It has been nice. Just laundry, studying, and running errands around the MTC...
I've had a couple of REALLY neat experiences at the referral center. Sunday I called a guy to make sure he had received the copy of the Book of Mormon that he ordered. He said he had & when I asked why he ordered it, he said he is an atheist, but he met the missionaries when they were shoveling snow in the neighborhood & he figured that if there are good people like that, he should give their message a chance...
The other one just happened yesterday. A guy called in for a copy of the Bible - but he needed it in large print. We don't send free copies of it in large print, so I offered him one of the videos we have... I talked to him about the gospel & asked if the missionaries could bring the movie & share more of the message. He said yes! He also committed to going to church on Sunday! I'm going to call him on Sunday to follow up as well. It was so neat to have the spirit prompt me on what this brother needed to hear.
Sister Stapleton left yesterday. Her visa still hasn't arrived, so she is temporarily serving in Washington D.C... I hope my visa paperwork as all going smoothly.
We've has some neat experiences as a district this week, which brought us closer together. I feel like my Elders are family. They are such awesome men!
Sunday, Janice Kapp Parry spoke with Beverly Thompson in Relief Society about the importance of music & how it brings the spirit.
At the TRC, I taught with Sister Stapleton this week. It was a good experience because we both had to focus on each other because we had never taught together before. Sister Younkin & I also got to teach together - that one went really well - the two of us just have this AWESOME connection! My teachers decided to change the teaching companionships again this week - so for our next TRC appointment, I'll be teaching with Elder Kramer. The appointment after this one will be in Dutch! Yikes! I've got a lot to learn in a week and a half. It's weird to think I'm already a third of the way through the MTC.
Yesterday, for Tuesday Devotional, Elder Ballard came. He talked about the improtance of having a good attitude & how it helps bring the spirit to investigators. It reminds me of President Hinkley and optimism again! It was an awesome talk...
Ik weet dat Jezus Christus leeft. Hij houdt van u. Ik weet dat het Boek van Mormon waar is. Ik weet dat wij een levende profeet hebben. Ik weet dat de kerk van Jezus Christus van de heiligen der laatste dagen de kerk van God op aarde is. U zijn kinderen van God. Hij heeft een plan voor u. Als wij Zijn plan volgen, konnen wij met him wonen.
Ik houd van jullie!
Met liefde!
Zuster Chantelle Fowler

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